Eden’s Paradise Skincare Review~

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing another batch of products from Eden’s Paradise which I’ve been using and loving lately ^_~
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Price: PHP 349
Size: 100 ml
What it claims:
l         Not heavy, not oily and Non-drying
l         Emulsifies when in contact with water/rinsable in water
l         Mildy clenases skin while removes dirt and make-up
l         Best for deep cleansing (blackheads/clogged sebum/whiteheads)
l         Suitable for all skin type

My Review:
l         Packaging is sturdy: designed with pump which makes it easier to dispense product
l         Smells like a Sunflower which is very refreshing *loving it*
l         Lived up to it claims which is non-greasy and very easy to rinse off
l         Able to remove even the toughest waterproof mascara thoroughly
l         Does NOT sting/irritate eyes at all *hands-down*
( the most important factor I look for a make-up remover is that it should NOT irritate senstive areas)

l         It made my skin feels soft, smooth and clean
l         I did notice it somehow helps improve my skin condition (minimize acnes)
l         I can strongly say  that this  product is very much comparable to the ever famous Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil but just fraction of the price which I have made a review HERE
l         If you are looking for an amazing cleansing oil but with an affordable price tag then please do try this out *you won’t regret it*

Price: PHP 235
What it claims:
l         Intense Whitening Vitamin Bar for areas like UA, Bikini Line, Elbows, Knees, Neck and Nape
l         Contains Saponified oils, calamansi, glutathione, banana, mulberry and 9 soothing extract from herbal plants

My Review:
l         Even though the name states Banana “peel” but don’t fright as it won’t peel or dries skin out
l         Lathers well and smells like a fruity banana
l         It is recommended to only use thrice a week but I used it everyday and did not encounter any irritation at all *considering I have a sensitive skin*
l         The soap melts very fast hence it is recommended to store in a container *like what I did* to prevent wasting the product
l         I did somehow notce it does helps lighten uneven areas especially in my elbows
l         Skin feels soft, smooth and clean after wash

Price: PHP 750
Size: 100 gram
What it claims:
l         Intensive whitening body butter that melts dead skin cells
l         Able to smoothens chicken skin and lightens spots
l         Contains Sunflower oil, shea butter, banana, orange peel, papaya , calamansi, lemon and 9 soothing extract from herbal plants

My Review:
l         Consistency is very runny and smells like a banana jam =P
l         Non-sticky nor greasy at all
l         Even though color is yellow but it does NOT stain as it is quickly absorbs to skin’
l         Don’t fright on the “Intensive” wording as it is mild enough even if you have sensitive skin * like me*
l         Skin feels soft and smooth after application

4)      Tomato Tint
Price: PHP 179
Size: 10 ml
What it claims:
l         A natural lip and cheek tint made with the most natural colorings derived from plant pigments
l         Able to achieve healthy and glowy lips and cheeks

My Review:
l         Packaging is in a cute tiny bottle with brush as applicator
l         Oh Boy! The pigmentation is so good that you only need a tiny dot to achieve a “blushed” effect
l         Very long lasting as it stays on for around 4-5 hours

Of all the 4 products I’ve tried I would say *hands-down* to the Cleansing Oil as it exceeded my expectation ^_~ But I love all other 3 products as well =)

Eden’s Paradise products were developed using 100% Natural ingredients and proven Hypo-allergenic. Each products has label of its Expiration Date and complete list of natural ingredients used. Free from all those chemicals such as Paraben hence products are suitable for ALL skin types even the most sensitive one!

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