Sugao AirFit CC Cream Review

Hellos! Last month I went to Japan and was able to find a pretty nice primer that I immediately love after trying out the tester. When you walked in a Japan beauty store they have like 18367526435642332798378263 types of makeup displayed in each shelf so its impossible to try them one by one and I get dizzy just by seeing them  =P

Since the place is stocked with products, I don’t even know where to start, lolz! Anyway, to cut the story short I was randomly checking out tester until I saw the brand “SUGAO” which I’ve never heard of -___” and I believe most of you are NOT familiar either.

Basically, SUGAO is a new brand under Rohto Pharmaceutical whom is also the creator of “Mentholatum”, Hada Labo, OXY, Lycee Eye Drops etc. Yep, Sugao might be new but given the fact that it was made under the same company as “Mentholatum” and “Hada Labo” then the product should be GOOD! To know more about SUGAO, click HERE
      0.01mm thin layer whereas you would forget that you were actually wearing the product
         Has function of sunscreen, makeup base, light foundation and setting powder in 1
        A breathable formula that absorbs excess sebum and protects skin from UV damage
        Formulated specially for those acne and problem skin

Here’s my review toward SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream
Consistency: Fluffy, souffle-like texture that glides easily to skin
Scent: Hint of Fruity Scent but would go away upon application
Shades: Pure Natural and Pure Ochre ( I got the Pure Ochre)
Packing: Tube Nozzle
Oil-Control: Medium to High
Coverage: 0 to Light; but it does helps diffuse the pores/rough surface and brighten skin
Finish: Silky Smooth, wearin’ almost nothing
Protection: SPF23/PA+++
Lasting Power: Medium to High, also keeps makeup intact
Price: 1400 YEN
Size: 25 g

If you have a perfect skin, I believe using this alone would be sufficient but for me I used it as makeup base/primer since I need more coverage. 
Here's me after using Sugao CC Cream + Foundation + Concealer and Setting Powder~
Despite the coverage concern, I still love it as this is by far the best make-up base I’ve tried. SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream instantly makes my skin super SILKY, Diffuses Imperfection and Brightens skin.
If you happen to see SUGAO Air Fit CC Cream on your local drugstore go give it try, you might like it as I do =)

Thank you for dropping by =)

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