Long Overdue Product Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Range

I went to Korea last month and managed to haul a few things from Nature Republic. The reason why I bought them is due to the intense weather there. My skin is so sensitive therefore I needed to purchase a skincare that could cope up with the weather there.

I went to Nature Republic and purchase the entire Aloe Vera range:

Ø  The best gel moisturizer I’ve ever tried!! Super Multi-purpose, can also applied on hair!
Ø  Transparent gel consistency that is ULTRA lightweight and felt nothing when applied but able to keep skin HYDRATED and MOISTURIZED
Ø  Suitable for Sensitive skin as its made with Aloe Vera and is very soothing and able to calm down the redness instantly!

Ø  Hurts after applied but would go away after few seconds.
Ø  Didn’t notice any massive improvement interms of softness/smoothness
Ø  The only thing I like is that it quite light but could still feel “something” on your face unlike the Soothing Gel.

Ø  Transparent Gel form that is ULTRA MILD even though my face is peeling and super red but it didn’t hurt a bit while using this.
Ø  Tends to provide enough moisture as my face is not that red anymore after washing
Ø  Even though it is a ULTRA mild cleanser but never underestimate the cleansing power as it DOES effectively remove dirt and residue thoroughly!

If anyone of you guys suffers from redness of skin due to sensitivity issues then you can try Nature Republic Aloe Vera range products as it did help my skin to tame down the redness and cope with the weather change.

I also bought their Mango Bebe Lip Care Stick SPF15 (Mint Mango) because my lips is EXTREMELY dry and cracking.

This Lip Care Stick protects my lips from drying and cracking. The scent is quite minty and feels minty too when applied. This lip care relieved my lips from the weather there. Definitely a MUST buy if ever you visit any places with extreme weather… 5 stars for this one!

By the way, since I’m an avid fan of concealers, so I bought their Vanilla Sky: Stick Concealer.

Not much to say about this concealer stick, pretty much similar to any drugstore stick concealer. Oh, one thing I need to mention though, I love the sweet scent of it.

Nature Republic is available here in the Philippines already! Checkout their FB page for more info.


  1. sounds promising :D i want to try this for body and hair, lips. i have no problem using aloe with my hair and lips but the aloe vera facial oil absorbing sheets caused me breakouts :( i wonder why

  2. I have the aloe soothing gel and toner! the toner is actually my default toner hehe :) but I have yet to use the gel on my face - maybe i'll try one of these days. Thanks! loving your hauls! :)

  3. nakakapimples ba ito?.. nakakaoily ba ng mukha?..

    1. Hi! hindi naman ako nagkapimples and my face didn't oil up naman. But if you have oily skin, please do include a toner on your routine. Hope this helps =)

    2. can't suggest a very effective toner for oily and acne prone skin.. thanks..

    3. i mean can you suggest.. hahaha..

    4. haha =) Eskinol is a nice toner! =)

  4. wahh.. looks so nice... thanks for the review.. and will be grab one for me! hehehe... :D visit my blog if you don't mind ? gita-life.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Gita!! thanks for dropping by! Followed you ^_~

  5. Im goanna buy that! I'll put it on my list na :)


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