Drugstore Hauls: Garnier, Beauty Treats, ELF

I didn't intend to buy anything as my main target is only to get a bottle of  SYOSS shampoo since I ran out of it but end up buying things that are not on my list at all~ *saving mode* FAILED*
SYOSS is the best anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner I have ever tried that works super amazing interms of controlling and eliminating dandruff!
 I have tried almost all anti-dandruff products available in Watson’s and SYOSS is the only one that works wonder in vanishing those itchy scalps and flakes~ Plus its only PHP70, cheaper than CLEAR & NIZORAL =) For those who suffer from dandruff like me, go try it out =)

Now, onto the items that are not on my list at all: *saving mode* FAILED >_<
1.Careline: Brush Set                    PHP120
The quality is ok and I’m not complaining as you basically get what you pay for.
 Do NOT expect full density or sturdy handle as it doesn't fit either category. Despite the so-so quality, these brushes are still workable  =) 

2.Careline: Pimple Concealer Stick in Chestnut     PHP60
·         I still don’t know why I bought this? And I absolutely got the WRONG SHADE >_<

3.Garnier: BB Eye Roll On                       PHP299
I remember reading Kath’s review HERE and it got me really interested as she gave it a perfect rating so when I saw this “lonely” standing on the shelves I grab it without any second thought.

4.Beauty Treats: Mineral  Powder Compact 03          PHP389
  I was about to head to cashier until an SA approach me asking if I wanted to try something from Beauty Treats. Since I drop my ELF bronzer(4th time!), I ask if they have any compact that I could use as bronzer and she handed this to me.
 It’s basically a foundation compact but I use it as bronzer because I love the shade and finish the moment I swatch it.

        5. ELF Studio Makeup Clutch          PHP450
~Review to be followed~
Well that’s it for my  hauls =) Thanks so much for dropping by ^_~


  1. Oh wow, what a lovely haul! I'm having a hard time saving as well, the spending ban I'm on is definitely not working! Haha!

  2. goodness... I love your Careline brushes!!!


  3. Nice haul!! Can't wait for the ELF review :)


  4. Dami ah! I am pretty interest in elf products. Sa target ang dami niya doon but i just got a brush ! Nyak nyak! Will wait for the review

  5. nice haul,Janet!! my bf is a true loyal fan of syoss shampoo,btw! :D
    I spotted the same ELF palette in tk maxx last week, tempted to buy it but then I realized I have already too many palettes.lol

  6. Looking forward to the ELF palette review!


  7. The concealer, bronzer and compact make up set looks great! Maybe try mixing the concealer with something lighter? or with a moisturizer for a lighter shade!

  8. nice haul! will wait for your elf clutch review... btw the careline brush set is cute...hehe

  9. very nice haul! aaahh i want garnier concealer! :D

  10. You make me curious about the garnier BB eye roll on because i think i saw it here somewhere before, I should grab it next time I see it ;)
    And love that Elf makeup clutch, looks cute and practical!


  11. The brushes are so pretty shame the quality isn't that good :(
    I used to like Garnier but I feel like they release a lot of products that seem a bit gimmicky...that's just my opinion though!

  12. I want that ELF clutch palette :)


  13. i want that ELF clutch product! it's so lovely ... can't for you review on the eyeshadows ^_^

  14. Thanks for sharing about the SYOSS shampoo! I would use Clear when I'm in the Philippines also, but it's good knowing there's a cheaper alternative :)


  15. Great haul! The brush set is adorable!

  16. Nice Haul sis :) Parang ok sa beginner yung careline brush set? Awww! you got the garnier bb na :) I saw difference sa under eye mo :D Ako hanggang ngayon meron pa din yung garnier ko. Hope you'll like it and let me know after siguro a month of usage. Thanks for sharing! Tipid mode din ako~


  17. nice haul dear =) review po sa ELF palette =)

  18. Nice Haul!! I love your brushes! they are too cute!!

  19. I'm a sucker for your cute brushes! :"> Also love the garnier bb eye roll on. I still have it even after 2 months usage. That's just how tipid it is. :)) Or maybe that's just for me. :)))

  20. Nice haul!! I was actually tempted to try the garnier concealer a few times. Each time I convinced myself not to pick one up haha. Looking forward to your review on it!

  21. Wow, nice haul sis! I like Syoss shampoo, I'll try it out!

    Btw, I have ab upcoming giveaway.. You might wanna join..


  22. Love the makeup clutch from ELF! ♥
    looks really handy!
    And SYOSS is my new discovery! Super lambot ng hair ko when I use it!!

    The Misty Mom

  23. Nice haul! I am trying to save money too but its so hard..LOL I honestly want to save for a computer which is really difficult because its so much money. I never tried ELF eyeshadows before but i really love their brushes! Have you tried them, they are pretty awesome for like 3 dollars!
    I heard of that shampoo some girls were talking about it at my hair salon I work at! Might have to look into it for my stepdad xD!

  24. I've never heard of SYOSS. It sounds lovely though. :O
    Excited for the clutch review! :D

  25. I love Garnier's BB roll on. :)
    The beauty treats looks good in person and when swatched. I got this and used it on a client with darker shade. However, it gave white cast in flash photography :( Had to retouch and remove the powder all over the face.

  26. I'm bad at buying the right shade of concealer too! The colours always look different in the shop lighting :(
    The brushes look cute!

  27. I'm curious about that Garnier eye roll on! I don't use any kind of concealer but I find that it does make a huge difference to creating a truly flawless base.

  28. I've been wanting to try the Garnier b.b. eye roll on, it looks so interesting, hopefully it will work for me :) and those make-up brushes are adorable. great haul Janet! love your purchases :)

  29. Sis try ko din yung shampoo. Dami ko dandruff eh hehehe. kainis. Great haul! :) Need ko rin ng concealer!

    1. Sis, anung shade mu? I have quite a few concealer wherein the shade is not workable on my skintone. If you want, I can ship them to you instead I haven't use them at all, mostly for swatches lang. Email mu lang me allaboutjyl@gmail.com if interested you =) Thanks ^_~

  30. Hi Ms. Janet :) Interesting haul.
    Actually, got me really glued on Syoss.
    I've read a lot about it. And I would like to try it.
    Is it already available locally? Hee

    By the way, please please check out my blog post about Ray-Ban.
    And please leave a comment. Hee Thank you sooo much :)


    Open Book

    1. Hi Belle, yes it is available locally =) Will check your site ^_~


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