Greasy/enlarged pores?--> Get Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion!

Lately, my skin tends to react so sensitive wherein pores are getting bigger, entire face oiling up nonstop and I tend to experience redness quite often.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or because I haven’t been sleeping. Nevertheless, I went to search for a product that could help control my face from being greasy and also at the same time do not trigger redness due to sensitivity. I blogged about it few weeks ago HERE, whereas I decided to give Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion a try because it seems to be a product that suits my needs.
Firstly, let me tell you more about the Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Helps control excessive oil production and keep pores clear
·         Hydrate and improve skin texture and tone
·         Eliminates shiny skin and minimizes pores
·         Soothes and calms skin leaving it soft and smooth

The Main Ingredients behind Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Retinol- Increases cell turnover
·         Queen of Meadow Extract- Eliminates shiny skin
·         Arnica- Hydrate skin

If you want to know more about Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion, click HERE

My Reviews upon using the Skin Perfecting Lotion:
·         Consistency is in light lotion wherein it feels really light and absorbs quickly
·         Able to control excess oil and skin doesn’t feel greasy for the whole day
·         Helps minimize enlarged pores
·         Provide enough hydration and moisture wherein no more dry patches is visible
·         Didn’t aggregate my existing acnes nor experience any discomfort

·         Might be a bit expensive for USD 34 of PHP1450
·         Contains Paraben and Dimethicone

How I use this:
After cleansing and toning, massage evenly over face (Twice a day)

Overall Reviews:
I think this is a 2 in 1 product because it helps repair my troubled skin (enlarged pores and greasy skin) and at the same time also helps provide sufficient hydration my skin needs. It’s basically lived up to its claims so I’m very satisfied with the results and will definitely buy again once I ran out. I paired this with my HG Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser which I have reviewed HERE.

That’s it for my review and ending it with an FOTD~
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  1. This sounds amazing! :O So glad it worked for you.
    I see good things for Murad...I might try it.!

  2. I heard this can be used as a primer too, so even more uses for it!


    1. wow, really~ thanks Monica =) I'll try using this before applying makeup ^_~

  3. Oh, I've heard quite a lot about Murad lately! o: Right now, I just really need moisturizing or hydrating skincare products, so I may check this out some time later. >u<

    Beautiful FOTD, by the way~

  4. nice produc:),it's really is bad when our skin condition keep changing..i feel the same condition as u now and i really need to find product that suit me.thx for your post..

  5. looks like a product I really need!! oil control and pore refining :))
    I remember when I was in Indonesia, Murad is a famous skincare brand.. here in germany, murad is not easily accessible..
    great review,btw!

  6. i like the sound of this. ;)
    lately my skin has been blah..and i wanna start a new regimen.
    retinol has always worked nice for me.

    (you look pretty!)

  7. You have amazing skin to begin with Janet! :) Will try this out after I give birth as I'm avoiding parabens :|

    The Misty Mom

  8. You look so lovely ^_^ I love murad products, especially their Vitamin C line :)

  9. this is what i need!!! thanks janet for the review.. SUPER LIKE

  10. Sounds perfect for my skin. I need one as well!

  11. I need to get this asap!!!! My skin have been extremely oily and my pores have gotten so much more visible due to some new skin care things I tried. This sounds like it might help my skin!!! Thanks for sharing~~~


  12. My skin goes haywire every so often too, I'm definitely going to give this on a try! Btw your skin looks perfect in the last picture! ;)

  13. oOoO~ this sounds promising~ I'll have to give it a go ^.~


  14. Sounds like a really good product - especially for improving the skin in preparation for foundation. I've never tried Murad products but I would love to in the near future :)

  15. Hi Janet! Glad that the products works for you! :) Pretty fotd!!

  16. I've been reading your Murad reviews because I'm going to a Christmas event of theirs in 2 weeks so hoping to get a few goodies for my friends and myself!! Thanks for the review.

  17. Oh Murad is such a good skin care brand! Back in beauty school we had someone from Murad educate us on their products and gave us free facials! It was pretty cool! I have a few of their products but never really got to use them xD I never really have problems with my skin so i never use anything special xD!

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  19. Really wonderful product i want try with this! because sound wonderful i have the oily skin and always is a trouble for me!

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  20. great review :)
    thanks for sharing

  21. your skin is looking great! This reminds of a vichy product Im using now and it's also very effective!


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