Review: Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara

Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara
Price: USD 19       bought at Geisha's Secret online shop
Overview of the brand Fairy Drops:
FAIRY DROPS Mascara was created by a Japanese TV personality Aya Yasuda, realizing that eyes are the secret to making great impression, she was inspired to create a new mascara wand that is now patented in Japan.

What is Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara ?
Fairy Drops “Volume Burst Mascara” contains Volume Up Powder, Wax and Fiber to make “Volume Burst” in one coat.

Fairy Drops- Volume Burst Mascara claims:
·         Creates sky high curls
·         Specially designed & patented wand evenly coats each strand of lashes that creates thick and lengthy non-clumpy lashes

My reviews:
Let me state out what I like about the mascara first:
·         Cute packaging and the design of the wand is really cute
·         Able to create uplift curl through the use of its wand
·         Lashes will not be drooping
·         No weird scent
·         Coat each strands of lashes evenly without clumping the lashes together

A bit of “uh, oh”:
·         Not available locally
·         Quite expensive compared to local mascaras
It’s a great mascara over all, but I think some drugstore mascara which is cheaper can also achieve same effects as to what Fairy Drops does. It didn’t give me a WOW effect, nor gave me any cons that lead me to dislike the product. Overall, a pretty okay mascara that has a cute packaging (-__-)”

Recommend or But Again? Probably No! there’s much mascara to try out there… =) I'm eyeing the Real Mascara from Benefit...Anyone tried it yet? ~


  1. lice packaging ay! but not really for the length ay? But nice volummy and black color instead!

  2. I have fairy drops too :D Same look can be achieved by cheaper mascaras unfortunately.. I think I was mainly sold to the packaging LOL >.<


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