Review: Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture Cleansing Oil

Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture  Cleansing Oil
Price:PHP550  Approx: USD12             Size:130ML

 What is Revlon Absolute C Radiance Moisture  Cleansing Oil?
  • A deep cleansing oil for quick and easy removal of makeup and skin impurities.
  • Rich in moisturizing ingredients to leave skin fresh, soft and radiant without stripping skin of its natural oil.
Apply 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil to fingertips and gently massage onto face to dissolve makeup. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all traces of makeup and skin impurities.
My Reviews:
I’m not really a fan of “cleansing oil” after my BAD experience on Etude House’s cleansingoil.
But I don’t now what gotten to me that made me bought the Revlon’s Absolute C Cleansing Oil since I’m already satisfied with Maybelline’s makeup remover.  But oh well, since I bought it already might as well use it.

What I like about the product:
  • Even though it’s a “cleansing oil” but its NOT greasy or sticky, the feeling is quite refreshing
  • Effectively removes ALL types of makeup without irritating skin
  • Able to remove eye makeups thoroughly and DOES NOT STING my eyes
  • Nice mild citric scent

What I don’t like about the product:
  • Expensive
  • I think this is only available in Asian countries

Overall Verdict:
I don’t really know how to rate this, though I love how the product works but I would still consider Maybelline makeup remover as my staple just because…..Well, I’m so used to Maybelline’s and its much affordable compared to Revlon’s cleansing oil but it’s a good buy though. I would recommend this to those who are still in search of a nice cleansing oil as it really remove makeups thoroughly.

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  1. Whoa! I din know Revlon offerd those products! Thanks for the review! ☆


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