Review: Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Foundation
Price: PHP645 approx USD15         Size: 30ml

- A light weight mineral mousse foundation with added SPF

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My Reviews:
Basically it’s a very light foundation that gives you a natural soft powdery finish. It’s a MINERAL makeup so its best for those with problem skin (like mine) as it won’t irritate your skin. It does provide great coverage for uneven skintone but not capable to conceal acnes/scars, concealer is still needed. Overall a great foundation that provides natural finish and at the same time won’t do harm on your skin.

Coverage: Soft powdery finish
Staying Power: 6-8hrs
Sensitivity: No irritation occur
Shade: 8-10 shades available
Consistency: Blendable
Texture: Soft mousse cream
Application: A little goes a long way
Packaging: Sleek tube nozzle

I would recommend this to those who prefer Natural /Neutral look as it really gives you a nice powdery finish. It’s very applicable to students or individuals who work on a daytime shift because the coverage is very light and breathable.  People with extremely dry skin might not be that suitable because it might create dry patches due to its consistency. Applying moisturizer before this foundation is recommended in order provide a more matte finish.

Would you buy this again? YES!
Recommend? Yes!
Rate it: 4/5


  1. Thank you for the review Janet! :D I still have James Cooper to finish before I try out new ones :P

    Oh btw, don't forget to join my giveaway! ^_^

  2. Haven't tried this one yet.
    But I have their foundation with softflex :D

  3. Thanks for this review Janet! I wanna try this too! I love Revlon Foundations. :P

  4. Just guessing that it could be nice for dry skin? Not for covering pores hun? Nice review as usual!x

  5. Nice review dear. I've seen it many times already pero i haven't tried it yet. maybe i'll check it out next time.
    Btw sis, i'm having a giveaway too, hope you could join.


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