Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Gentle Daily Cleanser

Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Gentle Daily Cleanser

Price: PHP410 approx USD9            Size: 5.2 ounces 

What is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Gentle Daily Cleanser:

  • Light foaming formula
  • Deeply moisturize and nourish
  • Antioxidants

To know more about the Palmers and this Cleanser, click HERE 

My Reviews:

I’ve read a lot of good reviews with regards to this brand thus I decided to try out their Gentle Daily Cleanser thinking it might be a good product to me as well.  

Upon opening the tube and squeezing a dime size I notice that the consistency is quite soothing and creamy but it DOES NOT foam up. Palmer’s claim that this cleanser was able to remove oil and impurities, totally agree to this as it really does what it claims.  

Another point Palmer’s promise is that it can brighten/hydrate and soften your skin without over drying. With regards to this, I totally DISAGREE, it doesn’t brighten or soften my skin at all. What I experience after wash is that my face is cleanse pretty well but did NOT over dry my skin. I would consider this an OK cleanser, didn’t give me any bad reaction but didn’t provide any “WOW” factors as well.  

Even though it’s an OK cleanser but I would NOT buy again as the scent is awful! I dunno for others but I hate the smell. The smell is similar to a rotten flower with added chemicals but the ingredients stated that it contains lily extract. To me I think it’s a rotten lily extract.  

For those with sensitive smell or not a fan of heavy scent, I would suggest to SKIP this as the scent is really strong and NOT nice.  

Would you Recommend: NO! Scent is too strong and there’s no wow factor at all
Buy again? No.

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