Review on SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanse

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser
Size: 120g/4oz           Price: PHP2,343.50 approx USD55

What is SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser?
- Is a purifying cream cleanser that cleanses, purifies and leaves skin hydrated.
- A luxurious lathering cream containing moisturizers, soothing Wild Rose Extract and Pitera. Leaves skin feeling comfortably conditioned and smooth.

How To Use?
Wet face then use water to foam cleanser into a generous lather. Softly massage onto face and neck. Rinse with water.

My Skin Concern:
Acne-prone particularly in Forehead, Cheeks, Chin, and Upper Lip areas.
Dry patches on side cheeks
Oily on T-zone
Sensitive Skin

The Likes:
1)       Able to cleanse off make up, dirt and residue thoroughly  but still manage to maintain the softness and smoothness of skin
2)      Makes my skin brighter instantly
3)      Able to help heal my acne/pimple gradually
4)      Skin will feel calm, hydrated and refresh in just one wash
5)      Gentle cleanser that is suitable for all skin types
6)    A pea size is enough to cleanse the entire face, would last long
7)      Did NOT experience any breakouts/irritation

The DisLikes:
1)       Pretty  Expensive for a cream cleanser
2)      Not available locally

My Verdict:
I’ve tried 3653624232 types of cleanser ranging from local to imported, be it low-end or high-end, but I can’t seem to find a  facial cleanser that I really love and would love to spend the rest of my life with  (-_-)”  But I think I can pretty much predict that SKII’s Facial Treatment Cleanser will be THE ONE! Hehe~

The name says it all, its called a Facial “TREATMENT” Cleanser unlike other brands who merely state their products as Facial Wash/Facial Cream/Foam Cleanser etc. But with SK-II, I truly believe and testify that it really is a “TREATMENT “facial cleanser.

At first, I’m quite hesitant to try SK-II as it was pretty expensive and I have to order online because it is NOT available in my country plus I have to pay for the shipment and custom taxes and claim it at the extreme far post office and wait on the forever long queue. But despite all the hindrance, I still decided to try it out and glad I did because am so satisfied with the results!

The moment I used this cleanser I immediately notice the improvement of skin condition. My skin felt very much refreshing and the very much redness of my screaming acnes/pimples tends to calm down a bit. After continuous usage, I also notice that my skin is becoming soft and smooth (unlike before which is rough and bumpy).

This is by FAR, the very BEST Facial Cleanser I have ever tried!!!

My Rate: 4/5 (I didn’t gave a perfect 5 because the price is mad expensive!)
Will I recommend it? Yes
Buy Again? Oh, Definitely!


  1. ooo i always wanted to try SK-II but was really expensive especially the serums. Love to try this cleanser, i'm always looking for new cleansers

  2. Hey Janet! You alwys giev us a great review hun! ;)


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