Review on L’Occitane- Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam

Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam claims:

Can lighten skin complexion as this was enriched with Immortelle floral water and citrus fruit peel. Clinical testing of this product over a 3 week period showed an improvement in the evenness and radiance of skin.

Price: PHP1,450 (approx USD33)

Ingredients mentioned:
Carmomile, Gentian, Immortelle, Mandarin Satsuma Tree, Parsley, Red Rasberry and Strawberry

My Reviews upon using it for a month long:

The Likes:
1)      Gentle and Foamy suitable for all skin types
2)       Able to wash off  dirt and residues thoroughly
3)      Skin will feel soft, smooth and calming
4)      Very hygienic pump bottle
5)      Only a small pump is sufficient to cleanse the entire face
6)      Suitable for Sensitive acne prone skin

The Dislikes:
1)      Too expensive for just a Foamy cleanser
2)      Only available in L’occitane’s Store

Recommend and Buy Again: No

RATE IT: 5/10


  1. @Debi: hi debi*, sorry forgot to include in the The Dislikes..None...a total waste of money...='(

  2. Hi Janet. I'd like to know the L'Occitane branch you bought this from? It's my mom's favorite but it's out of stock since January. Please let me know. Thanks in advance :)

  3. @carla jose:Hi Carla,I bought mine at Glorietta branch....(^_^)

  4. Hi Janet. Thank you for the info, I already bought a bottle of this cleanser at Glorietta. I gave it to my mom and she was very happy. More power to your blog and keep the helpful reviews coming! - Carla


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