Review on Etude House: O2 White Cleansing Foam and Cloud Bubble Oil

Etude House Vitamin C 02 White Cleansing Foam (150ml/5.07oz)
Price is PHP590 (approx USD13)

What it claims:
1) Soft and creamy facial foam penetrates deep within skin's layers to brighten, clarify and detoxify skin of skin-darkening melanin.
2) Ability to whiten and give skin a fair and radiant glow.

My Review after using the entire tube:
 The Likes:
1)      Paraben Free

The Dislikes:
1)      Skin will feel VERY tight and a bit DRY
2)      I developed cystic acne upon using this cleanser
3)      Did NOT notice any brightening or whitening of skin
4)      Might be a little expensive
5)      Only available in Etude House Shop

My Verdict:
Definitely NOT going to buy it again nor will I recommend it.
A total waste of money as it doesn’t do what it claims and it gives me Cystic acne! Sheesh!
Rate: 1/5

Etude House Cloud Bubble Foam (yellow bottle-For Oily skin) 200ml
Price is PHP400 (approx USD9)


What it Claims:
1) Cleansing Oil that is rich in foam.
2) Gently yet thoroughly removes all traces of make up.
3) Suitable for all skin types.

My Review after using it for around 1 week long:

The Likes:
1)      Dispense pump which makes it hygienic

The Dislikes:
1)      Since it is in foam substance; makes it too difficult to use on removing make-up
2)      After using this, skin felt dry
3)      NOT able to remove make-up thoroughly
4)      NOT intended for Eyes/Lips areas
5)      Expensive and is only available in Etude House Shop

My Verdict:
Definitely NOT going to buy it again nor will I recommend it.
A total waste of money as it can’t even remove make-up thoroughly.

Rate: 1/5

Just some nonsense inside note:
I just don’t understand why a lot of people are raving for Etude House products. Am I the only person in the world experiencing “not –so-good” effects upon using EH products?  I’ve tried 3752423142332 products from EH but almost all of them sucks on me. Despite that, I still continue trying out their products.

The main reason why I still continue trying out EH stuff is merely because it is a Korean Brand(we all know Koreans have the nicest skin in the entire universe) and the packaging of their products are so DAMN CUTE!!! How could anyone resists such a kawaii packaging and pinkie stuff eh?  Do you think I should still continue trying out Etude House product or just giveup? =(


  1. oh dear...sorry to hear that it is a total fail.

  2. Aww that's just sad. I'm hearing a lot of negative reviews as well with their beauty products. I haven't tried any except from their makeups. Maybe you should try other Korean brands if you're really that into Korean beauty products such as The Face Shop and Skin Food. ;) Good luck Janet! :D


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