Review on IMJU: DeJavu FiberWig Mascara (Paint on False Lashes-Extra Long)

Review on IMJU: DeJavu FiberWig Mascara (Paint on False Lashes-Extra Long)

I think most of you have heard of this “oh so popular” mascara already. It’s basically the number 1 selling mascara in JAPAN until now…Yep, until this moment it is still in top spot.

What is DeJaVu FiberWig Mascara?
One of the hottest makeup items in Japan, Imju brand: DEJAVU FIBERWIG Paint-On False Lashes Extra Long instantly transforms into wrapping firm and multiple fiber that lengthens your lashes like wearing the fake lashes.

 It is known as“paint on- False lashes” mascara because the formula contains fiber that could stick to every lash tightly. Unlike other “Fiber mascaras”, this mascara outstands as it contains twice the amount of fiber compare to others. This was made in JAPAN. We all know that Japanese are so meticulous in every detail thus they only use the finest ultra thin fiber to this mascara. They wanted to achieve the “False Lash effect” and at the same time making sure it doesn’t weight heavy at all.

What it Claims and Promises:
1) Extra long lash look -Better adherence of fiber to your lashes and Long brush enables perfect contact to every piece of lash.
2) Longer once you brush- It assembles perfectly once you brush on; light and smooth mascara does not cake, resulting in long and natural-looking makeup finish.
3) No “panda eyes”-It instantly transforms into adhering firm to resist sebum, water and sweat. No smudge.
Here are my Reviews:

 The Likes:
1)      Doesn’t clump, flake or smudge even applying for several coats; separate lashes very well
2)      The formula is moist; makes it very easy to stroke on to lashes
3)      Even though it contains fiber but it doesn’t feel heavy at all
4)      Makes your lashes look long and thick but natural looking
5)      Convenient removal as it could be removed by just warm water, no damages to lashes.
6)      Suitable for contact lens wearer; won’t irritate eyes
7)      No scent thus no weird smell

The Dislikes:
1)      Difficult to find; not available locally
2)      Price is expensive compared to other mascaras. (Price is PHP1,080 or USD25)
3)      The brush might be a little too big for some people

My Verdict:
This is by far my FAVORITE mascara ever!!! It basically creates a “false lashes effect” without the hassle of attaching fake lashes and gluing it up. Though it might be a little expensive compare to other mascaras but I tell you this is really worth it and you won’t regret purchasing it.

Compare to other “Fiber Mascara”:
I previously mentioned that my favorite mascara is “Oh~m’ Eyelash (Curling &Clean)” from Etude House. Yes this was my favorite until I met DeJavu Fiberwig Mascara.

Why I prefer Dejavu Fiberwig compare to Etude House?
1)      Though they are both fiber mascara, but Dejavu mascara creates a MORE thicker and longer lashes (false lashes effect) compare to Etude’s.
2)      The formula for the Etude House is a bit dry wherein your lashes will become hard. For the case of Dejavu’s Fiberwig, it is moister which is good because your lashes will still remain soft.
3)      The Etude House has some weird smell but Dejavu Fiberwig doesn’t have any scent at all.

My Rate:  10/10
Will you recommend it? YES!!!!

I bought my Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara(Extra Long) from here.


  1. i want to try! ihave been reading good reviews about fiberwig mascaras and now I am so intrigued...

  2. @Debi: yes, go go try will defintely suits you..though you don't need it already cuz' u have long lashes already..But who don't want much longer lashes..hehe..=)

  3. oh real? I have tried that years and years back but din really like it because its brush was kinda big for me ay. But cool that you tried that already hun! ;)


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