Review: Kanebo Freshel Moistlift BBCream SPF 23 PA+

Review on Kanebo- Freshel Moistlift BBCream SPF 23 PA+ (Medium Beige)

What is Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB cream?

A lightweight, yellow-toned BB cream in lotion formulation easily spreads on to deeply moisturize skin and act as a makeup base. Sheer formula provides light coverage, covering up minor skin imperfections to create the look of a flawless and even-toned complexion. SPF 23 shields skin from UVA and UVB rays to prevent premature skin aging and darkening. Contains collagen, hyaluronic acids &silk essence.

The Likes:
1)      Easy to blend and spreads out evenly (it literally just glides through my skin)
2)      Consistency is light but not runny
3)      Able to even out skintone and conceal redness of skin
4)      Does NOT create white cast (unlike most of Korean BB creams)
5)      Won’t look cakey nor greasy/oily
6)      Does NOT break me out (I have sensitive oily skin)
7)      Has SPF23++, no need to apply any sunblock
8)      Fragrance free thus NO weird smell

The DisLikes:
1)      Comes only with one shade (Medium Beige) which is best suited for NC15-20.
2)      Not locally available; difficult to find
3)      Might be a little pricey (Price PHP1,080 or USD25)

My Verdict:
This is by far the lightest and easy to blend BB cream I have ever tried. This is the only BB cream that doesn’t break me out. It creates a natural dewy finish.

How I Use it?
I apply primer first then spread out Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB cream evenly. Lastly, add few strokes of translucent powder.

My Rate: 9/10
Will you recommend it? YES

I bought my Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB cream here


  1. Hi, which foundation or bb cream you have tried that has the best oii control for the whole day? Thanks for all the great reviews in this blog. I am so happy to see your breakout has finally under control, but I don't have much luck yet. My battle is about 15years now from teen then I thought it will go away after 20. Then I learnt there is also adult acne always around the cheek and chin. Sigh....

    1. Hi dear,
      As of the moment I think Shu Uemura's Architect Foundation will be able to control oil up to 6-7hours!

      They will eventually go away as long as you find the right product! =) I'm currently using Neostrata and they controlled my acnes and improved my skin condition. I'll post the reviews soon ^_^~

      Thanks for dropping by =)


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