Short Hauls: Mario Badescu, Etude House, Face Shop, PurDerm

Short Hauls: Mario Badescu, Etude House, Face Shop, PurDerm

Just wanna share a quick hauls for this week:

 The Face Shop (Fresh Tint) in Rose Wine
-Haven’t tried it yet, will make a review soon~

Etude Shop (Cream Choux Blusher) in Peach
-so luving the color, so peachy cute! Will review soon~

DermaFleece- EyeLash Builder (Max Growth in 14 days)
-Bought it on an online shop, tried it for 7days so far haven’t seen any significant improvement yet, will review after using it for 14days~

Mario Badescu’s Calma Mask
-          OMG! Luv this Mask! Soo easy to apply, just spread a thin layer all over your face wait for 10-20 minutes then wash it off~ Face will feel clean, calm and reduce redness in just one application!~

The SA of MD is kind enough to give me lots of free trial packs!!
2)      Cucumber Cleansing Lotion’
3)      Glycolic Gel
4)      Super Collagen Mask
5)      AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer
6)      Seaweed Night Cream
7)      Oil Free Mositurize SPF3
~ I’ll make an intensive review on above MD products, so watch out…~

PureDerm Foot Deodorizer0 PEPPERMINT
-          Not that I have foot odor, I just wanted to freshen up my feet because I always wear tight closed shoes~

Well, that’s all my hauls for the week, watch out I’ll be reviewing them pretty soon^_^

Ending this with a shameless Camwhore pic



  1. Miss Tangerine!! I haven't tried it! Ugh I think I need to visit Etude House asap!! :D Looking forward to your reviews! ^^

    And hey btw, how'd you managed to get free stuff? o_o

  2. Wow, that SA was so generous! :P

  3. nice haul, review on etude house

  4. great haul!! i really love those false lashes <3 and cute photo!!

  5. @Hercy: yes yes go visit now...they have a lot of new products...and please share your hauls too ^_^

    @Pammy: The SA in Rustan Essences in RP Manila are the most generous...they give you lots of free trial if you want some freebies go hit RP manila =)

    @DeBi: Aww, thank you and you are now a certified MUA!! I heart your makeovers...=)

    @augustalolita: awww thank you ^_^

  6. Omo~ I did not know that! I'm living near RP Manila but I haven't been to Rustans Essences. Haha! But I know where it is located.. Gotta check it out sometime~

  7. I will wait for the TFS lip tint review. If you can, try comparing it with etude house's dear darling lip tint.. I don't know what to buy


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