Random Short Reviews: Etude House, Skin Food, Dolly Wink, Revlon

Random Short Reviews: Etude House, Skin Food, Dolly Wink, Revlon

I’ll just make a very quick reviews on some items I usually use daily:

Etude House- Light Bronze eyeshadow

                            -          has a very light bronzy metallic shade yet full of shimmery
                            -          Not heavy; can be wore on daytime; pretty natural

Etude House- Peach Tint Chou
                                              -          Gives watery peachy gloss,to lips
Skin Food- Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in APRICOT
                                               -          Gives silky light peach look to lips/cheeks

Etude House- Miss Tangerine- Cheek Ball
                        -          Gives you a shade of Sweet Summer Sun-kissed look
                        -          A subtle blush with added shimmery that could warms your face up
                        -          Ideal wore in daytime; very sweet and warm

Dolly Wink- Liquid Eyeliner in DEEP BLACK
                             -          Great thin tip that makes it very easy to draw a line stroke

Revlon- Liquid Pen Eyeliner in BLACK
                                        -         the tip is sturdy as a pen makes it easy to draw

Etude House- EyeBrow Mascara in Caramel and Brown
-          Ideal for people who wants to match their brow with their hair color but doesn’t want to bleach their eyebrow
-          Very to easy to apply, just brush on few stroke until it reaches your desired color

Etude House- Shimmery Eyeliner
                                 -          Gives you EYE shimmery look

Below pics using above mentioned items (look really natural but with an added pinch of shimmery and glow):


  1. so like the cheekball!!!! where did you buy the dollywink?

  2. wow jyl I am eyeing on those eyebrow mascara.sana it would suit me too. Your lips in the pix are really pretty :)

  3. lovely photos <3 these make up look great!! love that shimmery shadow on the 1st photo!!

  4. Ooh, love the Skin Food tint and where'd you get that Dolly Wink eyeliner?!? I want onee *o*

    Btw, I passed you an award! Check it outtt~


  5. @Debi: me too!!! you could purchase Candy Doll cosmetics at www.japanichi.multiply.com (they have plenty of on-hand) =)

    @Jenggay: it will definitely i mean definitely suit u!!!!

    @augustalolita: awwww, your so sweet!! and i heart your fashion..visit your chictopia...so fashionista!!!

    @Hercy: i purchase mine at www.japanichi.multiply (she has plenty of on stocks right now) Awwwwww, thanks so much!! your super sweet Rhian!! hahaa....^_^

  6. wow... thanks for posting swatches on color my brow.. :) btw, what color did you use on your pics?? I'm your new follower.. :) please chck out my blog if you have time.. :)


  7. @kikaynurseonduty: thanks so much for dropping by, followed u back! BTW, I'm using the brown one in the pix above..=)

  8. Please please let me know if you're gonna have a blog sale soon! XD I really have to have tha Tangerine Cheek Ball and it's already phased out >.< Haha XD
    I'm lovin the color my brow from Etude House :D looks sooo natural ^_^ Thanks for the post!! ♥

  9. I seriously want to try that Etude House EyeBrow Mascara :) ! Been looking for a good one I can use but unfortunately I haven't found one yet.


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