Maple Lens EOS Briller Brown + Updates!

Hellos! It’s been awhile I updated this blog as I’ve travelled to China and Japan for a span of two months hence wasn’t able to find time to actually sit down and write a post. Good thing, I’m back on track now and hopefully will update this blog more often ^_~ (if people still do read this -__-)

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet most of you guys are preparing your Year-End Party and of course looking FAB plays an important role for this season! Maple Lens was kind enough to send me some Circle Lens that is just perfect for this  season as it basically sparks up your eyes instantly ^_~
Maple Lens is an online shop in Malaysia that provides full ranges of Circle Lens and their main priority is to satisfy every customer needs! =) For more information on Maple Lens, click HERE.

Now onto my review on the lens from Maple Lens:
Brand: EOS
Color: Briller Brown
Comfort: Quite comfortable as I didn’t experience any redness for hours despite me having sensitive eyes
Enlargement: 14.5mm –this is the perfect enlargement, don’t go beyond 15 as it will make you look like an “alien” and halloween is over =P
Availability: Maple Lens
Price: $18.90
Life Span: 1 Year

Some photos of me wearin’ EOS Briller Brown:
I know I’m quite mainstream as I ONLY and ALWAYS wear BROWN or GRAY Circle Lens but I think those colors were the ones that suited me well. I know wearin’ Circle Lens enhances your eyes but just don’t go over-the-board as the results might turn to a disaster.  Hence, choosing the right and well-suited Circle Lens is very important.
Good thing, Maple Lens has wide ranges of Circle Lens that every one of you can find your very own pair ^_~ Visit them HERE!

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