Ever Bilena Shine + Extreme Lipstick Swatches!

Hellos! This will be my last installment with regards to sharing my takes for the Ever Bilena lipstick and this time around it’s the Ever Bilena Shine and Extreme Range.
I’ll start with the Ever Bilena Shine Range:
Below is the Ever Bilena Extreme Range
Consistency: Creamy and glides “oh so smoothly to lips”
Scent: Smells fruity
Coverage: Low to Medium
Suitability: Extremely hydrating as it includes a balm inside the lipstick
Finish: Sheer Gloss (Shine) ; Pearl Gloss (Extreme)
Lasting Power: Does not transfer and would last for around 3-4 hours
Packing: Acrylic
Shine Range: Plain transparent cap with red printings
Extreme Range: Red Tube
 Price: PHP95 or USD 2 (Shine)  PHP155 or USD 4 (EXTREME)
Availability: All Drugstores, Supermarket, Convenient store nationwide, ONLINE
Don’t forget to check out Ever Bilena site HERE

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