Be BeautiFUL with Sappe' Beauti' Drinks!

Hellos! Today I’ll be reviewing the Beauti Drink from Sappe. This new functional drink is a great option/alternative for those who are on-the-go and does not have time to take care of their health.
Beauti Drink currently has 3 Flavors to suits everyone:
1)      With Collagen 1,000mg
What it claims:
·         Moisture & Smooth Skin
·         Contains 1000 mg of collagen

2)      With Fiber 8,000 mg and L-Carnitine
What it claims:
·         Digestive systems
·         Contains 8000 mg & L-Carnitine to help fat burning

3)      With L-Glutathione 100mg
What it claims:
·         Contain L-Glutathione that helps on skin whitening

Overall Reviews:
Taste: Yummy (taste and smell like apple juice!)~
Availability: Watson, Mercury , 7/11 and other leading supermarkets
Packaging: Colorful sleek bottle that is handy to carry elsewhere
Variants: 3 Variants (Whitening, Beautiful Skin and Reducing Fat)
Price: PHP 35 more or less
Origin: Made in Thailand
Efficacy: Since I’ve only tried it a week, so I wasn’t sure if it does makes my skin more beautiful or help me lose that extra kilo. After all, it was a supplement drink ^_~
However, nowadays I notice that I lean more on reaching out to grab a  bottle of Sappe’ Beauti Drink instead of a juice or soda. Since Beauti Drinks basically satisfy my taste bud and at the same time “probably” would have “nicer” benefits to my skin.
 If you want to know more about the Beauti Drink, do check out their facebook page HERE~
Till Here, Stay BeautiFUL everyone ^_~

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