K-Palette Comparison: Real Lasting Eyepencil VS Eyeliner

Hellos! Decided to do a comparison of K-Palette’s Real Lasting EyePencil versus the Real Lasting  EyeLiner.  In any case you are not familiar with the brand K-Palette, it is a brand that has been consistently ranked as the most sellable eyeliners in JAPAN. For more info on the K-Palette, click HERE
1)      Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo 24HR
What it claims:
l         WaterProof
l         Smudge-Proof
l         Micro-Fibre Brush
l         Conditioning Formula
My Reviews:
l         Sharp tip brush makes lining of eyes very easy and convenient
l         Did not experience panda eyes but did manage to smear a little
l         I wouldn’t say waterproof but “rain-proof” as the eyeliner is still intact even expose to rain
l         Very easy to remove using a makeup remover
l         Finishes in a glossy black shade
l         I have extremely sensitive and dry eyes and never once did I experience any irritation while wearing this

2)      Real Lasting EyePencil 24HR
What it claims:
l         Long Lasting
l         Water-Proof eyeliner pencil
l         Easy twist open, no sharpener needed
l         Goes on easy and stays on all day
My Reviews:
l         Definitely LAST ALL DAY even if expose to ‘heavy rain” or been splash by a gallon of water! (I know it’s sounds funny but I swear it is 101% waterproof and long lasting!)
l         The pencil is quite weak as I manage to broke a little when I twisted longer
l         Quite difficult to create a winged line
l         Need a bit of rubbing using makeup remover before it could actually be removed
l         Finishes in DARK MATTE BLACK shade

Comparison of the EyeLiner VS the EyePencil:
I prefer the Real Lasting Eyeliner  better as the brush is easier to control and the finish is much better compared to the Pencil. 
I’m also not a fan of makeup that would take forever to remove; knowing that I have sensitive & weak lids so too much tugging and rubbing will only harm and injure my lids.
You can see the photos below that after rubbing my skin had become a bit reddish due to it.
 So I therefore conclude that the EyeLiner fits my taste more compared to the Eyepencil =)
That’s it for my comparison on K-Palette’s Eyeliner and EyePencil.
Hope you find this helpful ^_~


  1. Great comparison and review sis! I think I wanna try the eyepencil it's just that it's too hard to remove. ugh!

    Genzel Kisses

  2. whoa :O is it a permanent marker or a pencil eyeliner? hahah why so hard to remove ~_~
    but i guess it could be great for those with very oily lids.
    btw i use the liquid version, and i'm happy with it :)

    1. Agree adel, it is just so hard to remove!!! I loved waterproof eyeliner but not to the point that even makeup removers can't remove them ;(

  3. That pencil is CRAZY! O_O I don't really like waterproof makeup either because I feel like my eyelids get super sensitive after awhile.
    Thanks for the review, dear! <3

  4. I need that eye pencil stat! :D Thanks for the helpful review!

  5. Wow! very thorough review... for me, I would also prefer the eyeliner, because I hate removing waterproof products on my eyes. Too much tugging is bad :(

  6. Great comparison! Wow, that's definitely waterproof but it's not good for our eyes. It will cause premature wrinkles to develop haha :)

    1. I already have wrinkles all over >_< so i really have to stop wearing this types of eyepencil that takes forever to remove ;(

  7. At first glance I liked the look of the eyepencil - but hearing that it was difficult to do a wing, and also difficult to remove made me change my mind >_<

    It's definitely better to choose something not so stubborn, even if it smears a little bit. Thanks for the comparison reviews!

  8. Actually I think I saw them go for the eyeliner. While I am concerned that it is quite difficult to remove. Really not prove right now with these brands but I really think your comparasion is quite timely.

    Thanks for the review!


  9. lol! it's funny you don't like the pencil liner cuz it's hard to remove... I always go for the longest staying ones XD I've tried the liquid liner, it smears horribly on me :/

  10. I like the look of the eyeliner better, I generally go for kind of felt tip liquid liners over pencil eyeliners anyway :)

  11. Thanks for a great review, Julie! The pencil looked like something I wanted to purchase until I saw how red your hand got from removing it... I wouldn't want to do something like that to my eyes! -_- I might get it just for my waterline though.

    Anyway, they seem like great products! =)


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