Random Hauls during the Week + Some Reviews: Celeteque, Clinelle, AB Fibre Stretch, Double Eyelid Glue, MET

Since my face is kinda drying lately so I rushed into Watson’s searching for a mild moisturizer and end up getting the Celeteque SPF15 Moisturizer.

1)      Celeteque Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15- Price= PHP150 (USD3.00)

The Likes:
a)       Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (suitable even for sensitive skin)
b)       Non-sticky and Non-greasy; The consistency is kinda in between an ordinary lotion and a liquid.
c)       Affordable for the Price of PHP150, could last really long
d)       Easy to find; available almost anywhere

The Dislikes:
a)      Though it is Non- sticky and non-greasy but you could still feel that you have pat on “stuff” to you face
b)      Not sure if it really provides enough moisture on my skin; skin tends to feel a wee bit dry even after applying this.

My Verdict: Nothing significant for this moisturizer; just like any other moisturizer in the market. Not worth buying again for a product that is just so-so.

2)      Clinelle Lip Solution SPF36- Price=PHP254

The Likes:
a)      Has SPF36; with UVA and UVB protection
b)      Paraben-free
c)       Non-sticky nor oily
d)      Provide rich moisture on lips
e)      Contains Vitamin E

The Dislikes:
a)      Might be a little overpriced for just a lipbalm

My Verdict: Nothing extra ordinaire for this Lip balm. Pretty much works the same just like any other balms which are much cheaper in the market. Product is so-so, but is overly priced.

3)      MET WHITENING SOAP- Price=PHP400

I’ve finished the entire bar before giving out my opinions.

The Likes:
a)      Not easily melt; would last very long
b)      Nice scent
c)      Washes away dirts and oil but still tend to moisture skin to stay smooth
d)      Safe to use as it is approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan

The Dislikes:
a)      Mad expensive for a bar soap that cost PHP400(USD9.00)
b)      No whitening effect notice

My Verdict: Even though this is widely advertise by celebrities locally but don’t be fooled and waste your money.
I believe any  other drugstore whitening soap would achieve the same result MET delivers. This product is so much OVERATED.

4)      Sally Hansen- Creme Hair Bleach- Price=PHP620 (USD14.00)

Yes I just bleachED my eyebrows!!!! I dyed my hair brown so I wanted to match it with my eyebrow thus I bleachED! (yep, I am brave enough! Haha) I’ll do a full review on this……cuz’ bleaching is NOT an easy job, you to be EXTRA careful. You might end up looking brow-LESS =(

5)     5)  Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer- Price=PHP520 (USD12.00)

-          Revlon’s ColorStay Brow Enhances has 2 ends: One with tinted Wax and the other end is a Highlighter.

My Verdict: Worth buying! A Must-Try product

6)      Ever Belena Originals Eyebrow Pencil= PHP60 (USD1.39)

   EB Eyebrow pencil definitely a MUST-buy, they have great shades plus its super affordable!!
7)      Heroine Eyelid Glue bought from Sasa.com Price is USD11.90

8)      AB Fibre Stretch bought from Sasa.com Price is USD12.40

-          -Will probably make a video tutorial on these two items above!

Phwew, that’s all the hauls I’ve done! Hope you guys find it…ehmmm, errr…helpful? Hehe…=)
Oh incase you forgot how I look like……here’s a shameless selcas of me after bleaching my eyebrow and appying brow mascara on it....


  1. Please do a review on Sally Hansen Bleaching Cream. I don't know how to use it properly. O_O I tried it twice and I couldn't get my brows bleached evenly. :( Lovely Haul BTW.


  2. wow, ang dami! yeah, you're right about celeteque moisturizer...I dont like the feel of it o my skin either and I had break out when I tried using it.
    nice reviews...:)

  3. Pretty as always! ^^ I'm excited for the reviews! I'm planning kasi to dye my hair ulit cos the the roots are showing already so the bleaching of the eyebrows will be a big help! ^^ And you're using eyelid glue? Can it make my eyes looks slanted? I've always dreamt of having chinky eyes. Haha~

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