Natural Rice *eyestick* (Treatment and Concealer)Review

I’m running out of my staple concealer which is Etude House- Surprise Concealer Stick but I’m too lazy to go to SM’s so I just hit Beauty Bar nearby my office to search for a replacement. I went to Smash Box counter and I saw there are 4 shades of concealer stick but once I tested it the consistency is kinda thick and a little bit oily instead of powdery. So I went to the another counter and saw “The original RICE POWDER COMPANY”(TORPC)and they have 6 shades of concealer eyestick so I quickly tested and found that the consistency is kinda powdery which is good and easy to blend into skin.

Natural Rice *eyestick* (Treatment and Concealer) 

This Herbal Concealer is a fusion of proven scientific skin treatments like Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids that help eliminate fine lines. Enriched with 5 beneficial Herbs: Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Chamomile and Aloe Vera. Cucumber to reduce puffiness and build up of toxins that causes dark circles around the eye areas.

Some additional info on the box:

6 Shades available:

Ivory - for light skin tones.
Light - for pale and sallow skin.
Medium - for all skin tones.
Dark - for all darker skin tones

With two highlighting shades:
Yellow to cover bluish pigments and dark circles.
Green to eliminate red blotches and blemishes caused by pimples and acne.

Since I have a fair yellowish skin with lots of red blotches and acne scars I bought “RC601-LIGHT CORNSILK” and “RC605-GREEN ROSEWOOD


How to use:
Apply before or after foundation. Choose colors as mentioned above for the right skin tone. Apply with a dry sponge or use with your favorite moisturizer for very dry skin. Always pat gently unto skin without spreading or moving to avoid bothering previously applied foundation. Apply only in areas that need covering, concealing or correcting.

 (Sorry for the blurry pix because my cam sucks on micro)

I have a tiny zit on my wrist so I applied RC605 first to tame down the reddish tone, gently patting it then applied RC601 to cover. You could see that reddish tone is not that visible and the zit is slight covered but still a little noticeable.

I don’t know about this, I still think that the consistency is kinda thick compare to Etude’s and not as powdery effect as Etude’s either.

Overall Natural Rice *eyestick* is an OK concealer, but I would still prefer Etude’s Stick concealer. Because Etude’s shade is more close to my skin color, reflects smooth powdery effect and very easy to apply-simply dot or slide the stick then gently spread.

Rate for Natural Rice *eyestick*= 3/5
Would I but again: Probably No

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