On The Mood: Dark Lippies

Hello there! It’s been awhile I updated this blog >_< Lately, I just had a lot of things on my mind hence wasn’t able to find time to keep this blog alive -____-“

But hey at least I get to do it now ^_^~ Today I’ll be sharing what’s on my mood and be starting with a series of “On The Mood” whereas I share things that I’ve been loving lately =)
On my early twenties, I love pastel color lippies such as pink, coral and orange as I think wearin’ those shades makes me feel bright, young and carefree.

But as years passed and the famous #KylieJenner Nudes lips steps in and I jumped into the bandwagon. I collected a lot of nude lipstick but the shade doesn’t suit me at all cuz’ I look pale and dead on it >_<”

The moment I finally realize that Nude shade isn’t really what I want hence I started getting into dark lippies with shades such as muave, brown, maroon and even purple! I think wearin’ dark shade lipstick really brings out my inner gothic and it really adds color and centrepoint on your face even though you don’t wear any makeup.

I’ll be sharing 3 of my favorite Dark Lipstick: *click on the product link for more info*
PS: I just woke up in the morning and didn’t apply makeup hence wasn’t able to exfoliate my lips thus the patchy and drying looking lips =(

Shade: Dark plum color
Scent: None
Application: Glides smoothy
Lasting Power: Stays on for 1-2 hours
Cons: Transfer easily =(

Shade: Maroon Brown
Scent: None
Application: Glides easily
Lasting Power: Stays on for 4-5 hours
Pros: Does not transfer and smudge proof
*This is by far my favorite shades hence I took more photos >_<*

Shade: Purple
Scent: None
Application: Glides smoothly and perfectly
Lasting Power: Stays on for 2-3hours
Cons: Transfer easily =(
That’s it for my On the Mood: Dark Lippies episode and I hope you like it =)
Thank you again for dropping by ^_~

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