Etude House Review: V Line Slim Maker, Nude Lip Concealer and BB Cream

    1)      Aloha V Line Slim Maker (12g)
Price: PHP645       Approx USD15

To make chin line visible such as creating a luminous V shaped line. Contour face to more slimmer look.

Available Shades:
01 Sun Gold- Wood Brown (bought this one, swatch below) and 02 Sun Pink- Cherry Brown

How to Apply:

My Review:
I bought the 01 Sun Gold-Wood Brown shade because I think the “Wood Brown” would look better in terms of contouring the face line. I ran out of the Golden Ratio-Contour Maker already thus I decided to buy this as replacement.

It pretty much works the same as per the Golden Ratio-Contour Maker but just without the cheek blusher because this V Line Slim Maker focuses mainly on Contouring face to a V Line.

The Shade “Sun Gold” is a mixture of shimmery warm sun-kissed color with beige undertone. The shade is kinda opaque so it is very natural and ideal for highlighting even for daytime.
Tip: Gently swipe on Nose Bridge, Forehead and Chin to enhance the face to look more symmetrical.

While the shade “Wood Brown” is a mixture of maroon brownish color. The color might seem a bit dark but once applied it turns out very natural as the shade is kinda opaque. Since the “Sun Gold” has shimmers already thus they eliminate the shimmers on the “Wood Brown”.
Tip: Use a slanted brush and gently swipe around the jaw line to create a V Line shaped.

I like this product so much! As it instantly make my face look slimmer without dieting! (haha) I have chubby round face and to make it even worst I’m always BLOATED but thanks to V Line Slim Maker it makes my face look less bloated and slimmer instantly!

Will you recommend it: YES!!YES!!YES!!YES!!!
RATE IT: 5/5

2) Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
Price: PHP495       Approx USD11

Natural skin tone colored makeup conceals lip blemishes with smooth textured foundation that raises lipstick or gloss presentation and durability. Formulated with silicone coating powder supplies a moist adhesive layer that holds lip color cleanly. Formulated with vitamin E derivative and mango butter for lip lubrication and nourishment.

My Review:
Smooth and creamy consistency makes it easy to glides on lips provided only if you have moist lips. Able to conceal the color of your lips entirely nude. I have dry lips thus I always apply balm first before using this orelse it might turn powdery and flaky. I could very much achieve the same nude lips simply my applying balm then patting on face powder.

Will you recommend it: Maybe
RATE IT: 3/5

2)      BB Magic Balm SPF30/PA+++ 25G
Price: PHP817      Approx USD19

Skin protection from environmental and UV damage, BB Magic Balm promotes natural    
looking coverage that nourishes, soothes and corrects skin tone. Includes brush for clean and convenient application that delivers pore safe oil control and porcelain smooth complexion.
Formulated for Sensitive Skin; Sparkling Clear Complexion; Skin Clarifying Formula

My Review:
Thinking that this is formulated for Sensitive Skin so I assume this BB cream is safe for all skin types (maybe!)

1) Texture is cream based; very easy to apply as it glides smoothly and was able to blend into skin.
2) Able to even out Skintone
3) So far DID NOT encounter any irritation/ breakouts (*cross-fingers*)
4)  Consistency is not heavy or oily, but light and breathable
5) Smooth finishing (NOT CAKEY)
6) With SPF 30+++

1)      Available only in one Shade and at Etude Shop
2)      Might be a little expensive
3)      Not able to conceal acnes/scars completely (concealer is still needed)
4)      Package in Jar makes it not that convenient and unhygienic
5)      I would prefer to use Sponge or fingers to apply as the provided brush is in poor quality

Will you recommend it: Maybe
RATE IT: 3/5



  1. The Aloha V-Line Slim Maker product looks very nice and interesting. And for you to give it a 5/5 rating, it must be really good. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. @Pammy: Hi Pam! yeah, I super love the V Line Slim Maker..because it really makes my face slimmer instantly!!Thanks also for dropping by ^_^

  3. Hiya! New follower here :)

    You got me really curious about the v-line maker. Is it just like a bronzer/highlighter compact? Was wondering if it'd be dupable just with my regular bronzer & highlighter :P

  4. @Ai: hello dear! thanks for following..=)
    Yup, basically its just a bronzer and highlighter...any ordinary bronzer/highlighter would do the trick as well! I think the main reason why I like this compact is that the shade is simply perfect interms of contouring face line..=)

  5. I've actually been looking for a contouring pact and i found this review!! i definitely wanna try it out :) where did you buy yours? I'm hoping its a bit cheaper than MAC's contour powder

  6. you dont need contouring girl! you have a beautiful face shape! love your blog. I am using skin 79 bb cream. so far I havent gotten any acne from it.

  7. hi.. I would like to give you two thumbs for reviewing this item. Actually, I just wanna buy Color Me Nude Lip Concealer. but, when I see your review, I think I dont have any desire again to buy this item. Anyway, nice review and I will promote this to my friend. :D

  8. Janet dear, thanks for the review..nice.. It makes me wanna buy it just like now... Hahhaha...


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