Facial Cleanser Reviews: Murad Time Release, Gatsby, Pure Beauty

Again, bombarding you with skincare products!!lolz~ I told you already as I have extremely BAD skin >_< so I’m always in a journey of searching the best products that will best suit my sensitive acne prone skin~

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Price: USD30                    Size:6.75oz
 What it claims:
·         Eliminates acne (contains Salicylic Acid)
·         Restore Suppleness of skin
·         Minimize signs of aging

      My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy fluid that doesn’t lather or foam up that much
·         Mild enough even to sensitive skin ( I have sensitive skin and this works fine on me)
·         Even though it is mild; doesn’t mean that the efficacy is mild as well. I notice that it healed couple of my pimples and I don’t breakout that often when I’m using this cleanser
·         The only downside is it doesn’t eliminate excess oil or even control oiliness of skin. For oily skinned people, this cleanser might not be suitable for you.

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I would recommend this to those acne prone but with dry sensitive skin as this works well in those areas. It is mild enough for sensitive skin and at the same time also helps prevent and heals blemishes without drying the skin. I’m a person that prefers a squeaky clean effect and this cleanser failed to achieve so I would really NOT buy this again.

Price: PHP139 (approx. USD3.20)                   Size:120ml
What it claims:
·         Removes oil that causes sticky and shiny skin thoroughly

My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy grayish foam with tiny beads
·         Scent is quite strong; reminds me of Gillette shaving foam
·         Makes skin squeaky clean and removes all excess oil effectively
·         Might be too harsh for sensitive skin

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I know this is targeted for guys but who says ladies can’t try this too! Lolz! I tried this because I was caught by the word “Oil-Control” and I was just curious how this products work so I grab it without any hesitation~
·         I would recommend this to those with extremely oily skin as this scrub was able to remove all those excess oil effectively. It does give me a squeaky clean effect but I find it too harsh on my sensitive skin and a little drying too so I would NOT buy this again.

Price: PHP35 (approx. USD0.80)                   Size:150ml

What it claims:
·         Unclog Pores
·         Detoxify skin
·         Energize and refreshes skin

My Reviews:
·         The consistency is in creamy white paste-like form with tiny red particles(supposed to be pomegranate extract) that is easy to lather and foam up
·         Makes skin squeaky clean but skin feels a bit dry after using
·         I developed rashes and itchiness after using this cleanser

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I bought this because it's dirt cheap! This is priced at less than a dollar! I did check the packaging and made sure that it is not yet expired nor tampered. I was excited to try this wash as this line was endorsed by Fish Leong (Malaysian singer but set her fame in Taiwan) and her skin was awesome! But as I tried using this it gives me a lot of downside; aside from overdrying my skin, I also developed rashes and itchiness due to this. For those with sensitive skin, I’d really not suggest trying this cleanser.

Price: PHP113 (approx. USD2.30)                   Size:190ml
What it claims:
·         Quickly cleanse and remove makeup without irritation or dryness
·         Leaves skin silky, healthy and fully moisturized

My Reviews:
·         Able to remove makeup thoroughly and doesn’t feel greasy at all
·         Doesn’t irritate or blur eyes even though if it gets into (thou you shall not!)

Recommend & Buy Again:
·         I bought this again because it’s pretty affordable for a 190ml cleansing oil so I didn’t expect much on it. At first, I thought it might be greasy but not at all! The texture is silky and not sticky and it was able to remove all of my makeup in just 2 pumps! I would recommend this to those who looking for an affordable yet effective makeup remover! Definitely will buy again if I finished the entire bottle

Hope you find this helpful ^_~


  1. Ooh the cleansing oil seems nice. I like the packaging with the pump! I hate ones with screw caps cause I always drop them lol and pumps are just easy and handy :)

  2. when I saw Gatsby name, I was just like: wahh did Janet try cleansing foam for men also? Hahahah xD
    The pure beauty perfect cleansing oil seems like a good product. but this is the first time I heard about this brand.
    Thanx for the review, Janet ^^

  3. Oooh I didn't know Gatsby had this lol. I always think of hair products when I see Gatsby haha :)

  4. I saw this the Pure beauty sale at Watsons din. Sana pala bumile ako Hehehe


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