Jolin Tsai’s “The Great Artist” MV Inspired Look

Hellos! Today I want to share an inspired look from my favorite artist Jolin Tsai! I love her so much that I once flew to HongKong just to watch her concert!~ So when I heard that she already made her comeback, I immediately youtube her comeback MV and “dang” I was super addicted to the song! (it’s a very Jay Chou feel but not written by Jay~) while for the Music Video not much impress despite costing them NT8M!!!! oh well, but I have to say that Jolin’s outfits are super glamorous!! ^_~

Nuff said, here is the look I  re-created and I know it doesn't show much on the picture due to super bad lighting >_<
Here are the items I use for this look:
It's a very simple and easy look to do as I only used 1 eyeshadow color on the lids which is Champagne brown
Apply eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer and lastly top it off with peachy nude lipstick~

Last one pic: (that still doesn't show >_<")
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Thanks so much for dropping by~


  1. You look lovely! I really like Jolin Tsai too! I don't really know her songs, but I do like her as a person. She's so pretty!! thanks for sharing the MV, now I'm watching it! lol

  2. She's so pretty :O and so are you! I love your take on her makeup :D You look so lovely~

  3. you look pretty janet! very nice makeup!

  4. woww so you are a fans of Jolin Tsai.. I'm not really a fan of her but some of her songs i like to listen to :3
    and the way you recreate her look is also pretty , the lip colour is so similar :D

  5. So pretty! I love it, it looks simple and naturally beautiful.

  6. Very pretty look! I'm not a fan of Jolin but she is a pretty lady :)

  7. I love your eyes! =) This looks is nice~
    What lenses are you wearing? They look so pretty...

  8. lovely natural look!
    the lip color is perfect for you. ;)

  9. Not a big fan of Jolin and her singing, but she looks great in the video! And her dance moves are awesome. I think your look is very natural, it suits you really well! ;)

  10. you are super pretty.. i love your oval face with V-line there.. envy you LOL



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