Beauty package, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution + FOTD

Hellos! First off I want to say super thanks to Gem of Vanity and Everything in Between” because I was chosen as her May’s commenter of the month! I was like omo omo omo this is the first time I ever won something unexpectedly!! I’m still in cloud 9 at the moment! Haha ^_~ BTW,  Gem’s having her June commenter ongoing so go check her site now, who knows you might be the next commenter of the month! If you are a makeup junkie and is interested with beauty you'll surely love Gem’s blog as its pretty much  everything in between! So go check her site HERE!

Here are the goodies I received from Gem:
Sephora Mirror- I love it, so sleek and convenient to carry anywhere! Loves!
Fasio Lip Gloss- Super LOVES!!!!
I love all the items but the one that made my heart melt is the BOBBI BROWN BEAUTY EVOLUTION!! 

I just received them last night so wasn’t able to read the entire book but I happen to browse on some important parts:
Omo, omo my ever favorite AHA is there!!!

I super mad love the quote above: “Asian women need to accentuate their beauty strength, not try to imitate someone else’s” Guilty anyone? ^_~
Basically the book covered everything related to Beauty from makeup, skincare, Lifestyle etc. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this book as it has almost everything on it and I loved it so much!
Ending it with a super HAPPY FOTD!!! ^_^!


  1. This is awesome! All the stuff looks great and that book! That's so awesome! I love your FOTD! That quote is amazing and something to always remember... :D

  2. Gratzie sis! Your skin is looking better now plus the happy aura :)

  3. Oh congrats! The makeup book is really interesting too, I've yet to buy a beauty book but would love to own one someday!

  4. waa... rambutnya bagus!! and congrat for you... God bless

  5. I just saw this! Thanks Janet!

  6. wow! Congrats! Cool items.. =)

  7. Congrats! Well deserved! Fotd loks so fresh;)


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