Review: Garnier, Desert Essence, Ellana Minerals, Estee Lauder

Just sharing some random products I received and hauled over some time.
(For product info, just click on the product name)

1)      Garnier Pure Active Spot-On Roll-On
            Price: PHP199  (Watson’s)          Size:15ml

          What it Claims:
·   Helps dry pimples
·   Immediate pimple relief roll-on
·   Heals and clears pimple marks

My Reviews:
       The only reason why I bought this is because Garnier only release this to our market this year and I think this is the only spot on treatment I haven’t tried in Watson’s. The two main ingredient of this product are Salicylic Acid and Herbarepair. I’m not really a fan of Salicylic Acid anymore as I think SA works great only for teens. I don’t know what the heck is Herbarepair but it’s probably made with some herbal extract or so(not quite sure).

Anyhoo, here are my initial inputs upon trying this roll-on for around 5days:
·         I love the rolling thing because it’s very easy and convenient to apply but some might think it’s quite unhygienic due to the rolling ball. But for me, I think it’s not much of a big problem as long as you make sure you have a well cleaned face before using this.
·         The initial application might sting a little (just a tiny bit), the rolled on areas might turn a bit reddish but would fade the next 3 days
·         This is quite effective to those tiny pimples (not yet erupted) and white heads because I literally see improvement in just 2 days! (but not completely gone..)
·         If you have big cystic acnes, then I suggest skip this as this would NOT do any help at all

Recommend: Those with white heads might find this helpful
Rate it: 1/5

Price: USD 15 (Healthy Option)      Size: 9.3ml

          What it Claims:
·   Reduces oil that lead to blemishes
·   Improve and maintain skin clarity
·   Soothes and nourishes skin

My Reviews:
       The main ingredient of this product is Tea Tree Oil which I’m not really fond of as I used the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil before and works nothing. Anyhoo, here are my inputs after using for around a week and so:
·   Same as the Garnier Roll-On above, it is in rolling form which I find it really convenient and hasstle free. (though some might think its unhygienic but that’s not really a problem for me)
·   It stings like hell once applied/rolled on to the acne affected area. I have quite a high tolerance in pain but this thing hurts so much! But you would only feel the pain for around 5-10seconds and would go away eventually
·   For big cystic acne, the areas applied becomes extremely red and swollen
·   On the next 2-3 days, the areas are still reddish but has become dry and flaky (note: I did use a moisturizer but it still dried and flake my skin out)
·   On the next 5 days, the areas are turning pinkish but still dry and flaky. I noticed that the cystic acnes has flatten a bit
·   For whiteheads, small/tiny acne, 1-2 days becomes reddish and on the third day it just vanish completely

Recommend: If you have big cystic acne, you might experience redness and swollen for the first few days/week but eventually you’ll notice improvement as days goes on. If you have small zits, this will be a great help as it would zap away those zits in just 3 days!

Rate it: 3/5

Price: USD 4 (Ellana booth)      Size: 2.5g

My Reviews:
I bought this because I’m running out of my Etude House V Line Slim Maker and I thought that the shade of Light Roast is quite similar to the V Line Bronzer.
·   It is in deep matte caramel brown and it really does the contouring quite nicely
·   You have to be really light handed when applying this as it might turn out really dark. Unlike the V Line’s bronzer, the shade itself is quite subtle so there’s no need to worry even if you have accidently applied too much as it will still turn out very natural

Recommend: The price and shade is not bad, would be great alternative. But I still prefer the EH’s V Line Slim Maker

Rate it:3/5

5)      Free Samples from Estee Lauder

·     Love how my skin feels after washing squeaky clean!
·     Perfect for normal/combination skin
·     Might feel a bit tight after wash

           Is it worth buying the original size? No! I think other drugstore cleanser can also achieve similar results.

·     My eyes are always puffy early morning and would see some fine lines near the corner of the eyes. I applied this every night, around the areas near my eyes and I noticed in the morning that my eyes were no longer puffy and those fine lines visibly reduce but still has!

  Is it worth buying the original size? Maybe.

·     Super love this serum as it provide maximum hydration to my skin and feels extremely light on the skin
·     I have fine lines near my lip areas but somehow I haven’t seen any improvement yet

Is it worth buying the original size? No! it simply provides hydration on skin doesn’t do anything else.

·     I’m using ointment to fight against acne thus sometimes might lead to dry patches/flaky of skin. This crème does the job very well on securing enough moisture on the skin to refrain from having dry patches and flaky skin
·     Easily absorbed on the skin and feels quite light too

Is it worth buying the original size? YES

That's all for now, Next post will be all about Benefit products! =)


  1. Nice product reviews :) The ELF blush is a lovely colour. Looking forward to the Benefit reviews.

  2. the last Estee Lauder product sounds really good. I highly recommend DHC Spot Therapy!

    1. really! ooh~ im so going to try that soon!!thanks for the recommendation..^_^~

  3. I should try the estee lauder moisture creme, i have dry skin (really dry in the winter) and am still on the search for a really good moisturizer! love the elf blush, i have one in a coral color and it's really good for only $1 lol. love your post and super excited for your benefit product post, love benefit ^-^

    1. I think the eucerin calming creme is a nice choice for dry skin..^_^~

  4. E.l.f. Bronzed is so pretty! :D
    Maximum Moisture Creme sounds really amazing too...I should definitely check that out.
    Thanks for following me. I have followed back. ^_^

  5. Hi gorgeous!

    I found your make-up tips to be very useful. Love your blog! I'm definetely following yours! Check mine out and follow back if you like!


    1. thank you dear!! love your fashion picks..^_^~

  6. Hi Janet!~

    You have a lot good stuffs! I LOVE IT!! I had a great time visiting and reading your blog! I wish you goodluck and if you have time hope you could check out my blog as well!

    LOVE: Arrienne

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I appreciate that you followed me ^_^
    I am now a follower~! ^^

    MUCH LOVE: Arrienne

    1. thanks arrienne!! mwaahz~
      followed you ^_^~

  8. You make me want to try all these Estee Lauder products now! I'm definitely VERY interested in the eye cream - I really need it!

  9. The eye cream sounds really good! I have tried a few high end eye creams in the past but nothing ever really seems to do anything for my eye bags. The Estee Lauder one sounds pretty promising though. The ELF blusher is a really pretty color too - such a good value for only $1 :D

  10. hi! my cousin's wife used to work for Estee Lauder! She one time gave me their lipstick and.... I loved it so much! On the cover, there was a name 'yuri!' xD

  11. Great reviews! The ELF blusher looks really pretty. =)

  12. I remember trying The Body Shop Tea Tree lotion and ugh, it sucked. It smelled horrible and didn't really do anything for my skin.

    1. ~agree! the tea tree spot treatment also did nothing on me, I never even finish it and just threw it away....>_<

  13. wow really great, thorough reviews!!!

  14. great post!
    but i think that the garnier products don't have great results.

    1. thanks you ^_^~
      Agree with you on the garnier products! they really don't work >_<

  15. Janet I nominated you for an award ;)


  16. i tagged you!!

  17. omg i saw that pure active roll on and thought it was yet another eye brightener! LOL i really need a spot treatment like that so im definitely getting it, maybe tom haha

  18. sadly i cant use estee lauder products, got really bad allergy last time >:(!
    Ivent tried garnier Spot-On Roll-On, but I like the two eye roll-on it released and find they are quite refreshing :)!

  19. I have ELF blush too but in SHY ^^
    I haven't tried garnier spot-on roll-on, but according to u'r review it seems works really well for little pimples..I will give it a try later..^^

  20. Have you ever tried using the proactive mask as a spot treatment? I swear it works. I put it on over night on the pimples I see and the pimples I feel developing under my skin.

  21. hello! im having a photo contest for ellana minerals users next week, and im just wondering if you'll be interested in joining? the ellana minerals founder/owner herself will judge the entries :D

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