Review: Murad Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish

Since my face is pretty sensitive and really prone to acne therefore as much as possible I don’t want to apply makeup. But in reality, I just have to as I have so many blemishes in my skin and it would scare a lot of people if I bare my skin to the public >_<
Nowadays, I learn to just use Mineral make-up or Tinted Moisturizer to cover up my blemishes and imperfection. And it does improved my skin condition and not irritate my skin that much compared to using makeups. I’ve used skincare makeups before such as BB Creams which I don’t really like as it gives you scary WHITE CASTS and thick coverage, Dermalogica’s tinted moisturizer and Treatment Foundation which I think is a really great alternative to mineral makeups. 

I’ve come across the widely advertise Murad Hybrid’s which claims its NOT a makeup, but does more to improve the look of your skin over time- gives healthy and beautiful skin in just one step! By its description, who can resist to not try it? Therefore, I decided to try it out.

Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish
Price: USD 35         Size: 1.0Fl/OZ

Murad Claims:
  • Creates a delicate powder finish that is shine-free
  • Balances oil production while universal shade provides perfect skin tone match
  • Minimize appearance of pores
For more info about Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish, click here

After using for a week, here’s my reviews:
I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews with regards to this product but I still to go for it even after seeing those bad feedbacks. But for goodness sake, it seems that my skin pretty much love Murad’s Hybrid Primer.

What I Like About:
  1. Evens out my uneven skintone
  2. Nice sleek packaging, dispense pump quite hygenic
  3. Light weight and breathable won’t clog pores
  4. Able to conceal the red patches, pigmentation thoroughly
  5. Very easy to apply, just dispense a small amount and pat on face
  6. Will be able to lasts 8-9 hours without melting/ producing much oil
  7. Provide a nice Matte finish; Blendable/Buildable
  8. Can be used as a replacement of liquid foundation
A bit No No:
  1. Only available in two Shade! (the other one is in Dewy)
  2. Mad Expensive
  3. Available only in Murad’s counter
  4. Unable to conceal acne marks specially cystic one
  5. Might not be suitable to those with super sensitive skin as the ingredients are quite complex 
 Do you Recommend & Buy Again? YES! 
How I use Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish:
First, I applied Celeteque Moisturizing Gel then I apply Murad’s Hybrids Skin perfecting primer, lastly top it up with Revlon’s Aqua Mineral Make-up and Voila here's my finished look!


  1. Wow. Your skin looks really pretty with this primer. But it's too expensive for me.. :( Pulubi mode. :P But I'm glad it worked for you albeit the negative feedback!

  2. This is a perfect example of taking blog reviews with a grain of salt ;) I'm happy Murad primer worked well for you despite the lack of positive reviews.

    (Re: Nature Republic Aloe Vera --- dont you just love how affordable it is! Unfortunately, their stocks run out too fast. They should stock up on that product real soon)

  3. your skin looks porcelain with that expensive primer! :D

    love your blog! following you now! :)

  4. Wow. I really liked reading your review. I have super sensitive skin and normally cleansers make me break out (i know, kind the opposite of what we want) and I'm normally allergic to cheap make-up (mary-kay works for me so far) But this is a really sweet blog! I can learn so much :) Thanks again!!!

  5. @Ash Louise: Aww, thanks so much for your kind words...~(^_^)~ I haven't tried Mary Kay products yet, but I might try it as well since you've mentioned that it works on you~..and you have such a nice skin~

  6. hi! i love your blog..where can i find this primer in manila?? specific store or mall to purchase one.. :) thanks!

    1. Hi dear! Thanks so much for dropping by, its available at Rustan's ^_~


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