LensVillage.com Geo Color 9 Choco Brown Circle Lens Review

Hellos! It’s been a while I made a Circle Lens review and I think the moment was just right as school just started and I bet all of you students wants to look fab and gorgeous! *wink wink*

I was very glad that LensVillage.com was able to provide me some circle lenses to share with you all. If you guys haven’t heard of LensVillage.com, its basically an online store that sells HUGE varieties of circle lens from Korea. It is 100% authentic or money back guarantee so people can shop with confidence! You can visit LensVillage.com HERE.

As I mentioned in my previous Circle Lens reviews, there are 3 MAIN concerns I considered when trying our for Circle lens and those were:
1)      COMFORT- No matter how pretty the lens is and if your eye is not comfortable, the lens is USELESS!
2)      COLOR- I prefer Brown color as this is the most natural color for me
3)      DIAMETER – I do suggest getting a Circle lens that has a max of 15 mm as greater than that would look a lil’ bit scary --___--“

Now onto my review for the lens provided by LensVillage.com
Brand: GEO Korea
Design: Geo Color 9 Choco Brown
Color: Choco Brown
Comfort: Quite comfortable considering that I have sensitive eyes
Enlargement: 14.2 mm which gives an enlargement but still pretty natural
Availability: LensVillage.com
Price: $19.50
Life Span: 1 year

Some Photos of Me wearing Geo Color 9 Choco Brown:
Who says students needs to stay flat and boring, dazzle up your eyes by picking your favorite lens only in LensVillage.com
LensVillage.com provides WIDE varieties of Circle Lens from Korea so go check them out now!

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