Urban Decay Flushed Palette Review

Hellos! After missing for so long in the blogging environment I am now back! Yey! I hope I can continue to be more productive this coming April in order to compensate my lack of posts during the previous months. I’m not sure if there would still be people reading this blog as I’ve abandoned it for almost 2 months =( 

Nuff’ the intro as today’s post will be about my newest makeup add-ons which is the “Urban Decay- Flushed Palette”.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette                                            Price: PHP 2,250
What it claims:
  • Contains a sheer medium bronze satin, soft pink champagne shimmer and dusty rose satin with a hint of shimmers powders
  • Formula promises a silky, easy to blend texture with excellent pigmentation
  • Free from parabens, fragrance, alcohol and mineral oil
What I love about the “Urban Decay- Flushed” Palette:
  • 3-in-1 palette that contains Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer
  • Sturdy packaging and travel friendly compact with HUGE mirror
  • Pigmentation for the blush, highlighter and bronzer is just right for its function
  • The bronzer is almost comparable to NARS-Laguna which has the ability to achieve the “cheat to a skinnier face” effect
  • The highlighter is “oh-so-awesome” that could really accentuate the needed areas
What I don’t like:
  • Wears off pretty quick after 2 hours, so re-applying is a must
Would I recommend?
  • I would definitely recommend this as the quality is good and pretty much suitable to everyone!
Where to buy:
That’s it for the Naked Flushed Palette short review ^_~
Ending the post with a FOTD using the Naked Flushed Palette =)

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