Japan Photo Diary 1

Hellos! If you follow me on my Instagram, you would know that  I visited Japan for a short vacation =) The moment I arrived at the Kansai Airport, everything amazes me!
The heated toilet seat (yes! that’s the first thing I encountered upon landing in JAPAN, lolz), super clean streets , yummy foods and of course GORGEOUS people!! Why is it all people in JAPAN are so chic and fashion! It’s like all of them just walk out from a runway or a fashion magazine ^_~ I kept drooling on them as the way they dress and walk just makes me want to worship them!! =) *for real*

Anyway, before I continue to blabber nonsense, here are some sets of photos  that I took while I have my short visit in JAPAN.
@ Universal Studio
 @ Kyoto Shrine (amazed by Cherry Blossom)
@ Continue exploring Kyoto
@ Kyoto Village
@ Still in Kyoto with a Bald Sakura -__-“
Went to have a Traditional Japanese Lunch that cost 2,000 YEN =0

 Some more Cherry Blossom to mesmerize with 

@ Osaka Castle and being fascinated with all the Sakura’s
@ Namba where we resides, lively streets and lots of yummy resturants !
Lastly, can't get enough of Sakura's lolz =)

That’s it for my Japan Photo Diary 1, I’ll continue with the series if you guys like it ^_~
Thanks again for dropping by ^_~

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