SNSD: Tiffany’s Mr Mr Inspired Makeup Look

Hellos! It’s been awhile I did an inspired makeup look and the reason behind that is simply laziness, lolz ^_~

Come one day, where I have nothing to do but stare at a ceiling and day dream that I am travelling to Japan again, lolz~ Anyhoo, to cut the nonsense off, I am merely  feeling productive that day hence got to play with makeup and came up with my version of Tiffany’s Mr Mr Makeup Look.
This would probably be my least favourite inspired makeup look as the color just doesn’t payoff and my right falsie is falling off >_<
My version is super simple and here are the basics:
 Eyes: Apply a light gold eyeshadow all over the lid and blend it with a white shimmery eyeshadow on the outer lid. Line the eyes and apply falsies
 Face: Highlight, Contour and Add Blush
Lips: Conceal and apply lip tint
That’s it for my version of Tiffany’s Mr Mr Makeup Look ^_~

I know it doesn’t look that much of a same but I hope you guys still like it =)

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