Review on KOSE: Junkisui Moisturizer

Price: PHP1.050   aprox. USD23
Size: 120mL/4 oz.

A lightweight moisturizer that feels fresh to the touch and provides optimal levels of hydration. It enhances skin’s barrier function by providing detoxifying benefits, while giving skin a radiant, clear complexion.

How to Use?
Use as a daytime or nighttime moisturizer. Apply a dime-sized amount evenly over face, after toning. 

Herbal Extracts: Chinese Lovage Water, Moutan Bark Extract, Peony Root Extract, Fennel Extract

My Reviews:
The Likes:
1)      Super light weight but quickly absorb into skin
2)      No weird scent/smell
3)      Does not break me out
4)      Skin becomes soft after application
5)      Recommended for oily skin as this provides sufficient moisture but won’t experience oiliness on skin

The Dislikes:
1)      Quite expensive for just a moisturizer
2)      Available only in Kose counters

My Verdict:
Basically this is merely a moisturizer that provides enough moisture and hydration to skin. What I like about this moisturizer is that it is super light weight but you can feel the moisture absorb into skin. I would recommend this to people with oily skin as this moisturizer is not greasy, sticky or heavy but would be able to provide the sufficient hydration you skin needs.

My Rate: 4/5
Will I Recommend? Yes!
Buy Again? Yes!

 Let's all strive to have a clear blemish free complexion!

I paired this with Sekkisei White Liquid Wash and this is my Overall Experience for both products:

I’ve finished using both products and it lasted me around 3 weeks or so. So basically it’s a one month supply products. The reason why I wanted to share this overall experience is because my skin actually gets better by using above products. I’m pretty sure the credit belongs to Sekkisei White Liquid Wash and Junkisui Moisturizer because I didn’t use any facial products or change my lifestyle/eating habits during the period. So I guess these two combinations are the ones who helped me heal and improve my skin better. I didn’t experience any breakout or one single pimple during usage of these products. My skin gets softer and smoother day by day and my old acne scarS are slowly lightening so I would recommend this to people who are suffering from mild acne oily dehydrated skin.

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  1. i agree that we must take care of our skin. that way not only we do not invite bacteria to plague our faces with acne, we look better with makeup too.

    thanks for leaving a comment in my Belo blogpost. do give your own review or comment on how your experience went on should you decide to give them a try. ;)


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