Overated products that don't work at all!

As mentioned in my previous entries, I'm suffering from SEVERE acne so I desperately wanted them all out. So I plurged all my savings to buy some expensive products hoping it would cure my breakouts.

1) Shiseido Pureness Blemish Clearing Gel (15ml)- $23
-Instantly reduces excess oil while moisturizing
-Helps keep the pores less noticeable
-Effectively brings new balance to your skin

  My reviews after using it for a month:
- DOES NOT work! though it contains salicylic acid but does NOTHING on my acne/pimple/blemish.

2) VMV ID Facial Cleanser(120ml)- $20
-Thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil.
-Clears up and prevents acne
-Keeps skin clear and smooth.
-Contains Salicylic Acid, for anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and exfoliating action. 

 My reviews after using it for a month:
- face is still oily after washing this cleanser, does nothing on my acne skin.

3) Shiseido Foaming Wash- $34
-A refreshing deep-cleansing foam with purifying granules for gentle exfoliating effects.
-Effectively remove makeup and dulling impurities while retaining essential moisture. 

My reviews after using the entire tube:
I know I mentioned before that this works for me, but this time it doesn't anymore. Although this product is NOT designed for acne prone skin, but I though it might at least stop my breakouts. But sadly, it doesn't.
The only thing I love about this wash is that you will feel super squeaky clean after wash.

4) Panoxyl Wash- $32
-gently removes dirt and excess oil to cleanse and unclog pores on the face.
-effectively penetrates pores, killing the bacteria that cause acne Clears existing acne blemishes and prevents new blemishes from forming.

My reviews after using the entire tube:
I don't like its foaming cream, its supple and hard to wash. The smell is pretty awful with medicinal scent. It would peel your skin on its first week and tend to dries up your cystic pimples. I used it together with the Panoxyl Gel 2.5% so I'm not really sure if this causes the peeling or both. But it doesn't cause redness or irritation, a little itchyness may occur but its tolerable.  Overall it does improve my skin condition but not that rapidly.

5) ETUDE AC Clinic (Red Spot Balm) and Acne Foam Cleanser- $20 (both)
-removes acne causing germs to keep your skin clean all day.
-heals, clarified and soothes facial trouble spots. 
-Specialized target treatment heals and brightens blemishes with a medicated formula.


My reviews after using the entire tube/sqaure bottle:
- For the foaming wash, it DOESN'T work, and worsen my skin condition also. Pimples keep popping out after using. The foaming cream is quite supple and difficult to foam up and smells not that nice. 
-For the Red Spot Balm, its TOO OILY. Smell is quite nice though, blend of citric&mint scent. The cream/paste is difficult to apply even using the spatula provided, the texture is kinda like a toothpaste clay form.
- DOES NOTHING ON MY SKIN, didn't heal nor improve my acne/pimples.

**The first time I saw Etude House, I was so eager to try all of their products since the packaging,store design are so cute, plus its from Korea. But  after trying their numerous skincare and make-up, I DON'T LIKE IT, the products doesn't seem to work for me. It doesn't do what the products claims to.**

Overall, at least all the products above didn't worsen my skin condition (except for the AC Clinic foaming wash). But for the price I pay, its REALLY NOT worthy cuz' it didn't do what the products claims to. So my 2cents, if you wanted to give it a shot, try buying the trial size first. If you can't find a trial size, I suggest buy some other OTC products from the drugstore cuz' its cheaper won't be too hard on the pocket. The fact that you are just testing if it works or not.


  1. aww..most of them are quite expensive but dear..some products are maybe don't suit you so that's why it doesn't work but I'm currently using the Etude House Acne Daily Cleanser and I'm in second tube now.So it does work for me..Anywa, likey your blog!You got lots of acne infos here :D

    1. thanks for dropping by Mizu and for your sweet comment too ^_~


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