Review on IASO: Intensive Clear Conditioner

Hellos! Today I’ll be sharing a new addition to my SkinCare Family and this is the IASO: Intensive Clear Conditioner.
To give a little background for the brand IASO, IASO is a premium brand in KOREA designed to address your sophisticated and proactive skincare needs based on the research and expertise of leading dermatologist.
IASO’s unique formula enables the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly, infusing the skin with energy, enriching with nutrients to achieve a remarkable brightness and clarity.

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Today I’ll be reviewing one of their best-selling exfoliator which is the Intensive Clear Conditioner.
Let’s start with the product claims:
l         Clarifies and brightens skin as it exfoliates dead cells and energizes skin cells with Salicylic acid
l         Contains Centella asiatica, green tea extract, Glycerin and Aloe Vera that keeps skin looking vibrant and moisturized
l         Mild enough even for the most sensitive skin
l         Increases skin absorption ability

Advisable to use this product if you have:

Main Ingredients includes the following:
Main Features of the Intensive Clear Conditioner:

General Information for the Intensive Clear Conditioner:
Consistency: Runny liquid type / Water like texture
Scent: None
Color: Milky White
Size: 180 ml
Price: USD 44
Packaging: Acrylic pump
AvailabilityONLINE HERE
Suitability: All Skin type including sensitive skin
Application: Use it as toner / Day and Night after cleansing of face /before applying moisturizer

More information on the product HERE.

My Reviews after using for 2 weeks:
l         I use it as toner as it basically removes and pull off deep seated dirt that even cleansers were not able to rinse off
l         Skin feels extremely soft and smooth after usage
l         Since pores are cleared, application for skincare products absorbs much quickly to skin
l         It gives a nice smooth surface whereas makeup applies more even and does not look cakey
l         Active ingredients contains Salicylic Acid which is an effective ingredient interms of treating and healing acne
l         It helps soothens and minimize redness  of my skin as it contains Aloe Vera
l         It does helps brighten my skin due to the Licorice extract included on the product

Overall Review of the Intensive Clear Conditioner:
l         Often times we are under the impression whereas cleansing our face is sufficient enough to rinse off dirt in our skin, but that is totally not true
l         I wash my face using a facial wash and when I use  Intensive Clear Conditioner to wipe my skin, it still shows below dirt on my skin:
l         Exfoliating and Toner is a very critical step interms of taking care of our skin as it helps clear our pores and when we applied skincare products it would absorbs more effectively

That’s it for my review on the IASO: Intensive Clear Conditioner.
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Make sure to check out IASO Shop HERE whereas they ship GLOBALLY.

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