Unboxing and First Impression: BDJ Box for the month of MARCH

Hellos Bella!! It’s been while and basically my 1st post for the year 2015!! 3 months late >_<” I’m so sorry as I wasn’t able to find time to actually sit down and write a decent blog post -__” But hey its never too late to start now =)

Today, I’ll be sharing the Unboxing of BDJ (Belle De Jour) Box for the Month of March and its basically a PONDS EXCLUSIVE ~Woohoo~!

Before I start sharing the Unboxing, let me share to you what is a BDJ Box. BDJ Box is a monthly beauty subscription box created to help every Filipina discover the best Beauty products that suits her needs and personality. For only P580 a month, every subscriber gets to receive a mix of FULL and Travel sized products worth TRIPLE the value. Visit BDJ BOX HERE for more info~

Here are the items I received for the month of MARCH BDJ BOX and since the box is a PONDS EXCLUSIVE it is filled with FULL SIZE PONDS products!!
 **Click product name to know more info**
what it claims:
l         It is the 1st Whitening Facial Wah in gel formulation that Cleanses skin, making it Whiter and Fresher wthout overdrying it
l         It contains Vit B3 and Pearl Essence known to whitens skin
l         With its Oxygenated Formulation, cleanses and refreshes locking in moisture
l         Perfect for Sensitive skin as it has milder ingredients

My First Impression:
l         Indeed a gel consistency type of cleanser
l         Smells like a typically ponds facial wash
l         Skin feels very fresh and silky after wash
l         Definitely has the ability to locks in moisture

What it claims:
l         Seeks to achieve spotless, radiant and even-toned skin
l         Contains VAO-B3 that helps block skin pigmentation from appearing in the surface
l         Helps renew skin and interrupts skin melanin cycle
l         Stubborn dark spots and discoloraion are reduced in 1 week

My First Impression:
l         Consistency is very watery and silky
l         Quickly absorbs to skin and feels very light-weight (non-greasy)
l         Skin feels soft and smooth after application

What it claims:
l         Proven to Lighten Dark Spots and smoothen pores
l         Instantly cools and hydrates skin
l         Locks in Moisture and reduces skin dullness
l         Able to achieve Dewy and flawless skin

My First Impression:
l         Very light-weight and absorbs quickly to skin
l         I tried using it as primer and it does helps my foundation look more even

What it claims:
l         Able to instantly provide spotless and radiant looking skin
l         Hides blemishes instantly and repairs skin damaged
l         Non-oily and Non-comedogenic
l         Does not clog pores

My First Impression:
l         It comes in LIGHT and BEIGE shade but sadly neither of them fits my skintone
l         LIGHT is more of ashy tone very similar to MISSHA BB Cream but just feels lighter
l         BEIGE is more of a ORANGEY tone which is far from my skin tone
l         I’m not really a fan of BB Cream in a first place so I just swatch them

5) Pond’s Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Cream  50g  PHP 340
What it claims:
l         Repairs Skin Damage, lightens and even out dark spots
l         Able to get rid of impurities

My First Impression:
l         Despite being a Night Cream it does NOT feels heavy nor greasy
l         Very smoothing to skin and glides well
l         Quickly absorbs to skin

Overall, I’m very happy with this month BDJ Box as ALL 5 products are in FULL SIZE plus 1 Travel size. If you subscribe it only cost you PHP580 and just calculate how much you have SAVED compared to buying them individually in a drugstore.

So Go PAMPER Yourself with BDJ MONTHLY SURPRISES only at BDJ!!!

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