MOSBEAU: Spotless White Green Facial Soap Review

Hellos! Today I would like to share so-far “the most” effective acne soap I have ever tried to date! Before I share my intensive review, let me go on with a quick overview of the soap I am about to share~
MOSBEAU: White Green Tea Facial Soap      
    What it claims:
  • Contains whitening ingredients: Horse Placental Protein, Sericin and Beta-Arbutin which helps achieve a fairer skin
  • Proven to effectively absorbs and clean dirt on pores with the mix of Charcoal powder and tea component
  • Able to reduce enlarge pores with the help of Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract.
  • Infused with 7 different anti-inflammation and anti-irritant ingredients that helps soothen skin and reduce redness
Main Ingredients of the soap:
Horse & Marine Placental Protein, Charcoal Powder, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Algae Extract and Citric Acid

Here goes my takes on this green bar soap:
Consistency: Green bar soap that is very easy to lather and does not melt fast
Scent: Slight green tea scent
Suitability: All Skin Types including sensitive skin
Availability: Mosbeau Online Shop HERE
Packaging: Soap vacuum sealed and placed inside a white box
Size: 100gram
Price: USD 20

Why I LOVE it:
  • The soap was easy to lather so it definitely will last me quite a period of time
  • Able to eliminate excessive oil but still manage to provide sufficient moisture to skin
  • Helps clear and heal acne fast; would see visible improvement overnight
  • Reduces redness and helps calm skin
  • Skin feels clean, soft and smooth after every wash
  • Did NOT encounter any irritation despite having a sensitive skin (no sting, itch, dryness NADA~)
  •  Managed to clear Mila and heal tiny zits overnight
A bit “Uh-Oh”:
  • Quite expensive for a bar of soap!
Personal Experience:
I have these two reddish zits on my left cheek and I wash my face using this green tea soap at night. In the morning, I noticed that the two zits were not that red anymore and has somewhat shrunk and look “semi-clear” already. I was like “uh-MY-Gawd!”, super amazing and works wonder on mehh!! I love love love love loving it~^_~
I made sure to document the progress by taking a picture after 3rd , 7th and 10th day of usage.
Take note I did NOT combine it with any skincare product (No toner, moisturize, NADA, just this soap ALONE!~) because I want to test its efficacy. 
And by far of all the acne wash/soap I’ve tried, this would be the Best interms of healing progress! ^_~
And now a happy me with no zits ^__~
I took a lot of photos because I felt so happy with a less zits face ^_~
If you are interested on the brand MOSBEAU, check these links below:


  1. Wow! I super love the results and as I can see, it also lighten your skin tone :O I should try this one too! :D Thanks for the great review! :)


  2. WHOA! I think this is the best acne bar I've seen. Most bars just say anti-acne (even though my skin still gets it's regularly scheduled acne,) but this is the first I've seen to heal acne scars so quickly o_o

    Beauty By Telie

  3. Ohh gosh this looks AMAZING! *o* I need this!

  4. I love green tea!! and it is always interesting to see green tea in skin care products!
    And I can see the effect from the healing process, it looks very good ^^

  5. Wow, it worked so well! I think I'll have to check it out sometime. :D

  6. WHAT?! how on earth did this happen????? this is crazy!!! *INTRIGUED*
    does this help with blackheads??? (although it doesn't look like you have any lol) and it doesn't leave your face dry even though you didn't use a moisturizer after????? *O*

    1. hello frances, i know right...i was surprised too with the results...i didnt use any skincare product while using this soap as i want to test its doesnt dries my skin :) maybe because i have oily skin and i lived in a tropical country ;)

  7. based on the images above i can say that this was real affective! =)

  8. Wow looks really amazing this products works really nice on your skin!
    Thanks for this review!

  9. you look so fresh with orange lips, Janet ^^

  10. wow amazing!!! O_O I must try this!!

  11. oh wow!! the before and after photos are very impressive!! i can really see the difference. you always find the best skincare products Janet! =D i badly want to try it, thanks alot for the helpful review <3

    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  12. ang lakas makafresh ng orange sayo, and you made me wanna think to purchase the soap din. ang galing o_O anyways, can you please please make a review of this soap

  13. Good results^^ But I don't like the price -__-

    You look lovely! Nice shirt =D

  14. janeet your face is so pretty :) the soap seems to be really effective :)

  15. OMGSH! This product sounds amazing!! Thanks for the review. I will definitely be purchasing this soap for myself and a friend. Although the price doesn't seem very nice :/ But for the results I'm guessing definitely worth ti!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

  16. awesome review! nice to hear that it helps with milia, those are very stubborn and can lead into forming to a zit. I'm gonna try it ;)

  17. You always take good before and after photos. I always remember halfway through trying something out that I should've taken a before photo!
    I love the orange lips, it really suits you :)

  18. The soap looks, sounds and proves to be really effective! The change itt made in just 7 days is so visible! I am so happy you found it. I'd love to try this one time. Will go check the website. Thanks for sharing! :)

  19. I have a weird aversion to using bar soaps on my face for some reason!

    But hey, if it works, then it works!

    7% Solution​

  20. Mag pa derma ka na, ang nipis nipis na ng balat mo, yung veins sa cheeks mo, 1st sign yan ng skin thinning, next time magsusugat sugat na yan at dudugo. Save your skin girlfriend at wag mag self medicate.

    1. thanks for the advised, but since birth my skin has been like that already, my mom also has the same skin texture and she have never use any skincare ever, just dove soap. ive been to derma before and it worsen my skin as they prick all my pimples so i never went back.. i think my skin has gone way better by doing my own research rather than going to derma... :)

    2. OIC, parehas kasi tayo ng skin type. Ang hirap talaga ng skin type natin, sensitive-acne prone din kasi ako. :( tapos yung mga veins ko sa nose lang, yung derma ko kasi na thin yung skin ko sa area na iyon. Pero ang laki na ng improvement ng pigmentations mo, compared dun sa 2010/2011 blog posts mo. Sakin kasi pa fade pa lang and my derma gave me a Niacinamide cream, ok naman so far. :)

  21. Hi Ms. Janet. I would like to ask lang sana, kung bakit hindi mo minentain 'tong Mosbeau Spotless White Green Facial Soap? Chineck ko kasi yung current skin care mo, I've noticed na wala ito sa list. And other thing, there's no other way ba talaga to buy this? Online lang talaga? Hindi ko pa kasi nattry bumili online since na gusto ko muna makita yung mga products na bibilhin ko in actual.

    I hope I could get a reply from you. Thanks! :)

    1. hello dear, sorry i havent updated my current skincare routine thus i have yet included this on my 'current skincare routine'. Even though the effect is nice but the price still hinders me to include as my daily routine, plus it is not reachable at all as it is only available online. I'm not sure if they sell this offline or on a retail shop but as i know this product is only available via online. hope this helps ;)


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