After School Nana’s Inspired Good Girl and Bad Girl Transformation Tag~

Hellos! I was browsing BNTNEWS site the other day and got caught up with After School Nana’s Good Girl/ Bad Girl Transformation Makeup Look~ I really like how well she managed to make the difference and still have both looks looking really gorgeous and hot! ^_~ I decided to re-create the look she made for both Good Girl and Bad Girl and below were the results:
Good Girl Look:
Bad Girl Look:
The Makeup I re-created for both looks were super simple and easy to do ^_~
Good Girl Look: Very light and clean look ~
Eyes: Champagne eyeshadows + One Swipe of eyeliner
Lips: Light Pink Matte Lipstick
Cheeks: Soft touch of ligh pink blusher
Bad Girl Look: Emphasize on eye and lips
Eyes: Gold Champagne eyeshadow + Heavy Shimmers and winged liner
Lips: Dark Red Matte Lipstick
Cheeks: Hightlights
 I had more fun experimenting on the Bad Girl look, hence more photos was taken =)
 That’s it for my version on the Good Girl / Bad Girl Make-up Transformation~
 I would like to see your version of Good Girl / Bad Girl Make-up Look~
Hence, I am tagging all you gals to do a version of your Good Girl / Bad Girl Make-up Look too ^_~
Can't wait to see yours =)

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