Digital Traincase Beauty Hauls~

Hellos! I’m super duper lazy nowadays so I wasn’t able to do some makeup looks as I prefer lying on the couch and doing nothing but eating and sleeping >_<”

Anyways, in order to keep my blog alive I would like to share my recent beauty hauls from Digital Traincase! Here are the products that I managed to haul from them:
*Just click on the product to direct you to its page*
1)      Sleek i-Divine - Sunset Palette                 
l         The packaging looks so sturdy and the shade were all so pigmented and pretty! Loves~^_~
l         ‘The only thing I don’t like is it contains talc, parabens and silicone

l         Tried using it for 3 days straight and so far it does helps minimize oiliness and still managed to keep skin calm and moisturized
l         The bottle is really huge (400 ml) and would definitely last me a long time since 1 pump is enough for entire face
l         What made it even more likeable is  that the ingredients used are all good! (no parabens, silicone etc) YEY~
l         If you guys have sensitive and oily, do take time to try it out! Definitely worth checking it out =)

l         The shade is a mixture of maroon and pink with tiny gold shimmers!
l         Looks good for everyday makeup ^_~

l         I lost my third Sigma Flat Top Brush and chose this as alternative, so far the quality is definitely comparable with Sigma!

l         The packaging and name sounds so elegant thus the reason of me wanting to get one (I know lame excuse~)
l         It basically works like morroco argan oil as it can be applied not only on skin but also on hair
l         The only difference is that it is placed in a super classy packaging and it smells like an expensive perfume
l         I’ve tried it for three days and I love it MAX!!! It helps make my skin look so velvety, smooth and glowy!! It works so much better than Morroco Argan oil which I raved about before HERE.

I’ll do an separate review on each one of them once I was able to use them in a amount of time ^_~
That’s it for my beauty hauls~
Thanks for dropping by =)

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