Fine Fairness® Cleanser + Belo Essential review + updates on acne skin

Updates on my skin after using the Clean&Clear regime, it DID clear my skin after using it for prolly a month long. Disturbing tiny acnes and cystic white heads are long gone. However, my skin tend to flake a lot and I often experience peeling of skin(no redness/pain, just plain peeling). I'm not sure if its because of the fluctuating weather or just hormonal imbalance. But due to this,  I stopped using the Clean&Clear line.

Since I THOUGHT I didn't have that much acne anymore, I switched to a non-acne products. I bought the Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cleanser, I bought this cleanser mainly because this is the ONLY cleanser I saw on the Watson shelf that i haven't tried yet.

As per Neutrogena website states:

NEUTROGENA Fine Fairness® Cleanser is a purifying cleanser that thoroughly removes impurities to help improve overall fairness and clarity. Contains Vitamin C, Essential Soy® and proven skin-lighteners to improve fairness and translucence of skin. This rich and creamy foam also lifts away dirt, surface oil and skin-dulling dead cells gently without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

My Review after using it for a week:
-The texture is soft creamy paste, easy to foam up
- Skin will feel soft & clean

- No whitening/lightening effect (maybe because I just used it for a week)
- No significant effect on anything, doesn't even remove non-water proof make-ups

Basically, this is just a so-so facial wash. For the price of $7, its totally NOT worth it. I'd rather use an ordinary soap.

Next, I bought the Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Whitening Face Wash:

Don't ask me why I bought it, cuz I didn't know also. Maybe because I couldn't find any cheap facial wash  thus I just grab a Pink colored tube in the drugstore shelf.

Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Whitening Face Wash as per website it states:
A facial wash that minimizes pores for smoother, clearer skin. ightens skin naturally and safely with DermWhite PLUS - the effective combination of alpine plant extracts, California prune fruit pulp, and skin vitamins, now improved with Glutathione, Kojic Acid and Gigawhite
My review after using it for 3days (I couldn't dare to use it futher why? read below)Pros:
NONE, oh well maybe the package is cute cuz' its pink other than that. NONE.

It claims to minimize pores, smothens skin, lightens skin YADA Yada...but NONE of them works! I know I just used it for 3days maybe I have to used it for 300days before it would show what it claims to. The hell I care,  the reason why I didn't continue using it because its a GEL type wash, its does NOT FOAM up and when you put it in your palm its like nothing. Belo advertise that their wash will NOT dry your skin cuz' its gel type blah blah blah. It definitely won't dry your skin cuz' its like water in a jelly form. Doesn't even have the basic function which is cleanse the dirt in my face! In the ingredients, it claims to have alpine plants etc yeah maybe like 1 eenie teeny 0.0000001 drop of those.  For the $2 i paid, a total waste of money! Soap works better!

Current updates on my skin:
I thought I have finally ended my acne journey but my skin started to break out AGAIN!
Have cystic acne on my CHIN and Cheeks, Gawd I hate acne!!!
I recently bought a range of Mario Badescu Products, I'm using it for 3 days now, my skin dries up, developed reddish spots and tend to flake more. I don't know if this is the initial reaction or what, but I'll still be using this and see how it goes.  I've read a lot of good reviews on this and the products are quite pricey as well. So I'll only blog about this after using it for a month long. Hope this will be the end of my acne journey.


  1. How much does Mario Badescu cost? i heard about this a very long time ago..anyway i have two cystic pimples because of all the holiday food and not sleeping T^T my sister also needs it :)

    i read all ur reviews :">

    P.S- i just received the pandora box, thank u so much :D

  2. don't expect quick effect to take place upon using for only like 1-2 weeks? some times, it got to do with your diet as well in order to speed up the healing process.


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