VS Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit Review + FOTD

Hellos! Today I am going to review about the Victoria Secret: Backstage Bombshell set I have posted before HERE. It is describe as a 55 must-haves for eyes, lips and face-all in one "Hello, Bombshell" Makeup Kit.
The makeup set contain the following:
30 eyeshadows
5 lip glosses/ 5 lipstcks
4 blushes/ 1 luminous powder/ 1 translucent powder
1 bronzer
1 mascara / 1 lip liner/ 2 eye applicators/ 2 lip brushes/ 1 face brush/ 1 eyeliner (mini versions)
Stand-up vanity mirror at 5 1/4"L x 4 1/4"W x 1 1/2"H

My Reviews on this Makeup Kit:
What I Like About:
  • Wide range of eyeshadows and lippies shade included
  • Pretty much an all- in- 1 kit as you have everything in this kit
  • Price is not bad considering the varieties of product included
What I don’t Like:
  • Fragile packaging (definitely NOT travel friendly)
  • All the included mini brushes are useless (not workable and super flimsey)
  • Almost all eye shadows have fall-outs
  • Some eye shadow have low pigments even if I apply it with primer
Overall Reviews:
I am quite disappointed with this kit as the eyeshadows are low in pigments and have major fallouts >_< All the included tools are also USELESS as the quality is cheap -__- I would probably  NOT recommend this kit as I think it is not worth it at all  >_<

Despite the disappointment, I manage to create a spring look using just this kit and below are some of the photos:
Used some greens and brown that represent Spring =)
Thanks for dropping by ^_~


  1. Beautiful final look you created~
    It's a shame that the quality isn't great. :c It looked like it had some potential too!

  2. it's too bad the quality isn't that great, it looked awesome :( oh well~ Thanks for the review dear! ^o^

  3. Pretty colors but, wow~ that fall out >__<


  4. Love the look though despite the quality of the shadows. A lovely look anyway that you can re-create with better shadows. reminds me of Spring :)

  5. I love the look! it's such a shame that the quality is not good :(
    the pigmentation on eye shadows and lip glosses look great though! ;)

  6. you look very pretty! :) You made it work, that's for sure ^_^

  7. hmmm mukang kayang labanan ng ever bilena palette ang palette na yan hihi =)

  8. Oh sweetie I love your makeup!
    Your looks lovely and cute!
    But the palette I don´t like so much because looks so much fragile and... idont want have a many color mixes.
    But many thanks for your review sweetie is really helpful.



  9. The swatches are so nice!
    Your review was a great help.
    I'll keep this in mind.
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  10. Love the looks you made. But I have to agree, having a wide range of shades but low in pigmentation is quite disappointing. Especially since I love eyeshadows! Anyway, you still made lovely swatches! Thanks for the review! :D

  11. I really dislike flimsy packaging, it just makes everything seem poorly and cheaply produced and fragile! But at least this palette has a tonne of colours to play around with, even though the quality of the shadows isn't consistent. That green colour is really pretty on you!

  12. I love how there are so many colours in the palette, they look so pretty! What a shame that it is cheap quality and is fragile, look at all those eyeshadows that have broken :(

  13. So glad you're having so much fun with the palette! I like the shade selection, its very good and even...neutral with good choices of color! Although there's the downside of pigmentation being inconsistent and having fallout, I think its understandable. I've recently hauled today the coastal scents smokey palette and can't wait to try it out!!

  14. Aww, that sucks to hear that you were disappointed with the palette.

    You created a beautiful look though! =)

  15. I'm glad you still managed to come out looking gorgeous despite the palette being disappointing! Lovely spring look :)


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