Soft Pink Makeup Look + Skincare Update~

Hellos! Been lazy nowadays so wasn’t able to experiment on makeup looks and end up just doing a soft pink makeup look =)
Nothing fancy just simple soft pink lids topping it off with a baby pink lipstick =)
I recently change my skincare products and so far so good ^_~
Changed my Staple Murad cleanser to Dermae’s Gycolic Facial Cleanser and makeup remover to Pond’s Cold Classic Cream and the results are quite amazing!! Loving it so far =)
Will update you guys with a much detailed reviews once I get to finish these products!
Thank you guys for dropping by ^_~


  1. soft pink eye make-up looks amazing on you Janet! it's so fresh and young :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  2. Hi Janet! have you tried using regimen?

  3. nice pink look.

  4. you look beautiful,Janet!
    I have also recently changed my skin care from clarins to hadalabo ;) I've been liking them so far ;)

    1. Thank you Pam, oh you are trying Hada Labo! Loved that brand too =)

  5. Pretty as always! :)
    I've read about how amazing glycolic acid is for the skin. I need products that concentrate there too. :l

  6. you look pretty as always!! (> u <)

  7. Oh so cute and pretty makeup, perfect for spring ^...^


  8. Pond's Cold Cream is such a classic - I have thought of trying it out. The concept of removing your makeup with a cream is intriguing :)

  9. Ooh I've always wanted to try the Cold Cream~ It looks really great
    Also I'm loving the pink lipstick!

  10. pretty in pink! waiting for your review of the glycolic cleanser. hehe.

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